12 Ways To Protect Your Home From Theft

12 Ways To Protect Your Home From Theft

Do you want to keep away your home from burglars and Intruders? If your answer is yes, you need to take some tips into consideration. Let us get started to read those points –

  1. Fortify doors with strong locks: With advance in technology you can keep your house safe by installing security system and windows. You can use deadbolt lock and some fast technology locks to safeguard your home from theft. There are various types of deadbolts available in market. Mostly people prefer double cylinder deadbolt because it doesn’t have attached twist knob. You can apply the key inside and outside. However you can also use the wrought iron doors for your house main door to prevent burglars from coming inside.

2.   Durability: Do you know Secondary Blockage Device? No, well it is the window. According to research, burglar’s easy accessible way of entering the house is the windows. Thus secondary blockage device to prevent the house from burglars is the window. Sometime when we are going outside the house, we usually forget to close the windows. Such situations becomes as the main source of burglars to attack the home. Hence, to prevent such problems make sure to lock the windows properly.

3.   Light up your surroundings: When you are away from the house and there is no activity in your house in such situations burglary may happen. To avoid this, the best way out is to light up the specific areas like car parking, garden and entrance. Besides this, you can also install the light timer inside the house as such living room and kitchen.

4.   Invest in a home protection system: In today scenario, a variety of home protection system options are available in the market to protect the home from the burglars. Besides this, you can also hire professional Locksmith in Vancouver. Installing the effective alarm system is also another best option. However, in market you can find various gadgets like smoker sensor, glass break sensor, vibration sensor and door sensor that increases the safety of the house. These gadgets play a crucial role. For example, when in the day time you are at work, the alarm systems or other security systems helps prevent the home from theft. Hence, the use of hi-tech protection system controls helps to reduce the count of burglaries.

Protect Your Home From Theft
Protect Your Home From Theft

5.   Keyless Doors: You can also take the benefits of keyless doors. In that situation, you don’t require to the carry keys at all time. Also, you don’t need to worry to make any spare key. The keyless doors can be accessed with a code thus giving discretion to the entry of any ordinary person. Virtual key is another main feature of the keyless doors .With this, you can keep track about who is entering the house.

6.   Don’t Advertise: If you are going outside home for a few days do not share the information on your social media profiles. Sometimes thieves keep a track of your profiles this allowing them to determine when you are going outside from home. As everything has been modernized and so do are the burglar’s strategies. They make use of social media to collect all information.

7.   Watch your Property: When you are planning to go outside the house for few days you can also take help of your neighbors because they are the ones who can help you the best. They can keep an eye on your property when you are not around the house. Hence, trusting your neighbors to observe your house is an ideal way to keep your property safe from the burglars.

 8. Clearly display your house number: If you have come to know that burglars have tried to attack your house, you need to act smart. Call the police immediately as they can help you better. But do make sure your house number is displayed clearly in day and night time.

  1. Don’t advertise new purchases: When you bring expensive item at your home don’t try to advertise the item from outside the house this way you give an invitation to the burglars. Empty boxes at your trash in outside the home create a big problem in holidays when you are away from the house.
  1. Beware of Garages: As we know that garages are the main and common entry point for the thieves. Open garage doors always give an invitation to burglars and also serve as to advertise your things to passerby. If you keep your garages open it will increase more chances of theft. So, House owners should make sure that their garages are always remain closed whenever they are not present at home.
  1. Motion Sensors: One can also install motion sensors at their homes to protect theft. As we are aware that light is a great impediment for night time thefts. Home owners should install motion sensors on outdoor lights that turn ON automatically if sensor triggers these lights.
  1. Don’t leave any spare key out: Everyone thinks that it’s a good idea to keep a spare key outside the house. Such as hide under a flowerpot or doormat for yourself in case you get locked outside the house. You also keep the keys for your family persons who are outside for some work. But that’s not a great idea as it is an open invitation for thief. Someone could find you keeping the keys or picking up the keys.

Better idea is to give the spare key to your neighbors you know well or your friends. Also never put any identifying information on your house keys.

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