16 Genius Hallway Decor Ideas

16 Genius Hallway Decor Ideas

The hallway in your home is often the most overlooked space when deciding how to decorate the house. You made the bedroom cozy and comfortable and added fancy colors and aesthetic choices to spruce up your living room, kitchen, and dining parlor. But what about the connector between them? 

By implementing some amazing hallway decor ideas, you can add some charm to this traditionally overlooked area. The hallway has one purpose, and that is to get you from the main areas to your sleeping quarters or the bathroom. But it doesn’t have to be drab and lifeless. A hallway with the right ideas for hallway decor, picked from our list of amazing hallway decor ideas, can give it a life all its own.

And these decorative selections don’t have to be expensive. With some basic DIY home decor ideas, you can make some hallway improvements yourself, and save a few bucks, while basking in the pride of your crafty additions.

Decor ideas

Wall-mounted organizers

Wall-mounted organizers can be super helpful if you have small items like a compact umbrella or wish to have somewhere to hang your purse. Add a bathroom rod to a hallway wall at shoulder height, tossing on some decorative hooks. So you have a perfect location to hang a jacket or scarf, without needing to fight with an overstuffed closet.

Photos and paintings

Add a bunch of framed pictures or lithographs, or even paintings. The inclusion of color backdropped by the hallways wall paint can introduce a splash of fun scenes for your viewing pleasure, every trip down the corridor. If you have a lot of pictures of a long life with a big family, this falls under the heading of great long hallway decor ideas.

Decorative ledge

Putting in a simple ledge can open some exciting possibilities. Items placed or hanged from the ledge can compliment some new wall decor ideas that might not have been considered before. Like putting candles on the shelf while hanging mirrors on the walls behind. Or placing a plant or flower on the shelf, with a corresponding floral lithograph near it for contrast.


Your hallway decor isn’t limited to the walls. We must never forget the flooring. Without floors, how would you get down the hall? Some interesting ideas for hallway flooring, don’t even have to match the flooring throughout the rest of the house. Like contrasting with laminate geometric shapes, or aged teak that gives it a coastal or rustic appeal.


Lighting Decor Ideas
Lighting Decor Ideas

If a picture is hanged in the hallway, but it’s too dark to see it, why hang it at all? Lighting can open up the space more efficiently than the glow from connecting rooms. Track lighting, chandeliers, spotlights; the options are nearly limitless. And most don’t need to be wired in. Just plug them into an extension cord, leading to the best surge protector brand, and bask in the glow.

Wallpaper and paint

Enhancing the space with eclectic wallpaper can liven up even the dullest surfaces. Floral prints can be warm, and stripes can add an element of endlessness. Brilliant colors can draw the eye to those ideas for hallway decor that you are so proud of.

Color blocking

Color blocking is adding contrasting colors to keep the eyes moving, exploring a new and exciting pallet of colors not often used in decorating together.


Also, in the realm of flooring, runner rugs are a stately choice if you are seeking long hallway decor ideas. They can save you the trouble of changing the flooring if you don’t want the hassle.


Decorating the hallway in strictly black and white can give the space a noir mystique. Combine white walls with black picture frames or a ledge, and you can’t go wrong. It’s natural, simple, and elegant.


If you love to read, or watch movies, then having your library be the first thing you see when entering the hallway can be a comforting sensation. There is something special in visiting old friends, lined up in perfectly symmetrical rows when you need them for a quiet night in.


Imagine you have an especially wide hall. Some benches or decorative chairs can make waiting for someone to finish getting ready for a night out, or to get out of the bathroom, much easier to tolerate.


Plant Decor Ideas
Plant Decor Ideas

Using pedestals as elevated planter holders can give life to your hallway. Pair it with an earth tone colored paint or a plant-themed wallpaper, and you have given your hallway a growing display.


Mirrors reflect you, but also reflect light. Adding several mirrors can bounce colors and sheens, illuminate a room with a minimal source. You can have a quick look at yourself if you need to check your tie or straighten a blouse.


Having a simple drawer system either built into or freestanding in your hallway can open up a world of possible ideas in places. Put those hard to find items that get lost so easily elsewhere.

Stair runner

Some hallways have stairs. Why not add a runner to them. A long, quality carpet runner that contrasts the stairs’ current material can enhance the climb or descent, softening the hard steps.

Avant-Garde art

Also, in the eye-catching category, use your ledge or a bench, or even a thin table. Display something artsy that is out of the realm of the norm. It can draw attention and start a fascinating conversation.


A living room is a room where people sit and watch TV. A bedroom is where you sleep. But those are still given the time and attention to make personal. Why shouldn’t the hallway also have that same character and focus to detail as other rooms?

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