5 Good Ways to Use Your Old Bedspreads

5 Good Ways to Use Your Old Bedspreads

Drape an old bedspread around a couch or chair to create a decorative slip cover to update your home decor. Larger blankets can be cut and used to upholster chairs. Easily fit them into any color scheme or make the chairs to be used for special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. To give your dining room a whole new look simply remove an old chair cushion, stretch the “new” swatch over the top, staple it into place and reattach it to the chair frame. Have fun and get crafty with old blankets by cutting them into smaller pieces for making new quilts. These types of quilts make great gift ideas for family members and friends. You can take an old, well-loved childhood blanket and give it new life as a wedding or baby shower gift as well. A nice, worn-in old bedspread can also be used as the main material for a new pet bed. With a little bit of cutting, sewing and stuffing you can make a great place for your dog or cat to rest. Mix and match different colors and patterns for a fun and interesting piece. Another great benefit of making your own dog bed is the fact that you can create any shape you needs to fit a kennel or outside dog house.

Big, fluffy comforters can be recycled to use as stuffing for new pillow cases. You can simply fold up a smaller comforter and stuff it into your pillow case. For larger comforters section them off and use them with multiple pillowcases. They work great for stuffing in homemade throw pillows, bolsters, cushions and more. Any bedding items that need a bit more fluff can benefit from the re-purposing of an old, fluffy comforter. Older blankets that are on the thin side also have many uses.

Use Your Old BedspreadsYou can turn them into easy to tote beach or picnic blankets, decorative Christmas tree mats or play mats for the kids. A nice, thin quilt or blanket can also be put to use a silence cloth underneath your fancy tablecloths to keep dishes from clattering during dinner parties and other events. The Bottom Line Finding great ways to reuse your old bedspreads and bath linens is a fun and frugal way to reduce your household waste and keep using your treasured items.

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