7 Tricks To Make Your Bedroom Expensive

7 Tricks To Make Your Bedroom Expensive


Have you been to a vacation recently and have come back to a less than rich looking home? On your vacation, did you stay in luxurious hotels like the 11 Howard of New York or the Vernet of Paris? Did those hotels have rich looking bedrooms, which helped you, sleep lavishly? If your answer to all the above questions is a big YES, then it is time, you redesign your bedroom to look expensive. You may ask how this can be made possible. You will be glad to know that thanks to top space-planning services, giving your bedroom a rich and luxurious look is now possible with new developments in interior design.

Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

Eliminate Clutter

A dirty or a cluttered room will never look expensive. It will also not look attractive even if you spend a fortune on its decor8. Therefore, you first need to clean out the clutter before you think of decorating your room with expensive looking accessories. Therefore, you need to get rid of anything that is redundant, in your room. Your floors should be given special attention. Please note that expensive looking rooms are not storage areas for unread books, folded clothing or unused exercise equipment. A luxurious looking space is just that – space. This means there should be adequate free circulation space in your room for it to look rich

Install A Tray

You can give your bedroom an expensive look by installing a tray to either your dresser top or your nightstand. This tray does not have to be expensive. You can find a expensive looking tray at any of the online stores. You can give it a coat of gold or silver metallic paint to make it look elegant and rich. The tray can be used to store items like jewelry, perfume bottles and small collectibles. You can also put otherwise scattered items on it. Immediately, your bedroom will start looking rich and elegant. You will have fulfilled your goal of designing a rich bedroom.

Try Greenery

Install flowered vases in your bedroom. You can also put living plants in it. You can easily find attractive looking flowered vases or dainty pots with living plants at leading home décor stores. Alternatively, you can tap your own garden for budget blooms. You can install the plant on your dresser or you can put cut flowers on your nightstand. You can also go for artificial plants, which come in attractive styles and colors. All this will help purify your bedroom air and will provide your bedroom with the much-needed green color. Introducing greenery into your bedroom, it will give a fresh and rich look to your bedroom.

Throw In A Light On It

If you want an expensive looking bedroom, replace the cheap ceiling fixtures with stylishly hanging chandeliers, pendants or drum-shaded fixtures. You need to take care that the amount of light given out by the light fixtures is according to the amount of light required in the bedroom. In addition, the light fixtures should complement other furnishings in your bedroom. You can easily get stylishly designed ceiling light fixtures for a little less than $100 in any of the home décor stores. However, that will be money well spent. If your bedroom gets light, it will start looking rich and stylish.

Make A Blanket Statement

Throw away that cheap micro fleece number that you are using to cover yourself while you sleep. Opt for a luxurious throw blanket that adds style and elegance to your bed. The blanket could be made of fuzzy wool or velour or silk or velvet or even faux fur. You can buy a blanket with a solid color printed in an animal print. Go for a subtle designed blanket. Now, your bedroom is looking elegant and rich and at the same time is warm at night. A good-looking blanket can provide a contrast to your bed sheet color. Using a blanket and bed sheet pair that are of contrasting colors will make your bedroom look rich.

Go For Crown Moldings

Crown moldings give your room an expensive look. If your builder has not installed crown moldings in your bedroom already, then you will get inexpensive pieces of crown moldings in any home décor retailer’s shop. Depending upon your own expertise, you can go for actual moldings, which have to be cut, painted and nailed in place, or you can opt for the self-adhesive variety of moldings, which will look good from down below. In both the cases, you will have to paint the moldings in a color, which goes with the color of your bedroom walls.

Raise The Curtains

A boxy bedroom will rarely look expensive. You can create a little more space by raising the curtains higher up. If the curtain rod is mounted only an inch of two below the ceiling line, with the drapes hanging to the floor, the room will look bigger and richer. Such an arrangement will add a lot of elegance to your bedroom along with adding the necessary level of richness. The color and fabrics of the curtains should be chosen suitably so that it adds to the richness of the bedroom. Choosing bright colors for curtains will make the bedroom look rich.

Change The Hardware

You can easily add a touch of richness and elegance to your bedroom by introducing contemporary, elegant designs. Glass or metal hardware will look elegant and add a touch of richness to your bedroom furniture. Thus, by using commonly available fixtures, you have converted your ordinary bedroom into a rich and stylish bedroom. You have given your bedroom a makeover, which you will be proud of.


Thus, you have made your bedroom look richer and more elegant. You can use all or some of the above tricks to spruce up your bedroom and make it look stylish also. The key is to use efficient space planning services to make your room look richer.

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