7 Unique Ways to Add Appeal to Your Garden

7 Unique Ways to Add Appeal to Your Garden

Sitting in our garden with our friends or family, enjoying a cup of tea, is something we all love to do. A garden is truly a pleasant place, where we love to spend some quality time, or have get together with friends or family. So, we all want to keep our gardens clean and well decorated. Well, if you think your garden needs some decoration, then here is this post to help you.

Below appear some new, unique ideas for you to add some appeal to your garden:

  1. Use circular fish aquarium for garden decor

If you have old, circular fish aquariums that you use no longer, you can use them to decorate your garden quite creatively. Put some small colorful stones inside the aquariums, and plant a small sized plant in each of them. Make a few holes at the aquariums’ bottom to ensure proper watering.

  1. Decorate pots with waste wood stick cuttings

Waste wooden sticks can be a great way to decorate the pots in your garden. Simply take a few wooden sticks and then cut them into circles of the same width. Stick these cuttings on the surface of the pots using glue. You don’t even need any color for such a decoration.

You can employ this idea to decorate eco grow pots also. Eco grow pots come with several advantages over the usual pots. In case you are planning to get a few such pots for your garden, consider going through some tips & tricks to use eco grow pots, which you can find in the web widely.

  1. Use waste plastic cans

You may be having those plastic cans that are of no use any longer. Take them out and cut them at the handle side. Put some amount of soil in the bottles and plant some plants with a small size. You can now use them for decorating your home garden.

  1. Renovate pots using old clothes

You can renovate the pots in your garden using the ribbons of old clothes. Stick the ribbons on the pots in different ways. Once you implement this idea, your garden pots become innovative and amazing.

You can also cover the outer surface of pots completely by sticking old clothes on them. Choose bright, colorful old clothes, and stick them on the surface of the pots using glue. Your pots would instantly be transformed into designer pots.

  1. Use wood sticks for a window garden

Decorate small planters using small wood sticks. Take some wooden sticks of the same height, and then bind the sticks around your planters using a thread of cotton. The result is simple, natural looking planters that you can place on your windows.

  1. Use waste cans of milk powder for eco friendly garden décor

 Hang the waste cans of milk powder on a few trees in your garden, and put some food for sparrows other birds. Not only would your garden get a better look, you can also watch sparrows and other birds coming to your garden and having the food.

  1. Use old furniture as a planter for the garden

A piece of old furniture like a small shelf, may serve as a planter. You can place a few plant pots on top of the shelf. The space inside the drawers can be used for growing small plants. This adds a unique appeal to your garden.

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So, go ahead and apply a few of these ideas to adorn your garden. The best thing about these ideas is that they don’t need any substantial investment. Simple to implement, you can employ them to spice up the look and feel of your garden.

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