8 Great Interior Design Tips

8 Great Interior Design Tips

As we all know designing a home can be challenging and daunting. Unless you are an expert on interior decorating, this requires you a lot of thinking and planning. Basically, a good foundation of an impressive home design is on how you perceive your home would look like. Having a picture in mind of what you want to do with your home is a must to prevent any costly mistakes. Naturally, none of us would like to waste our effort, time and most importantly our money. Right?

Before you start decorating, think about these things. What do you want for your home? Do the furnishings match the theme? Is it necessary for you to include such design? How will you do the arrangements? Or are there anything else you may want to have? knowing these things may be simple, but it plays a big role in achieving the desirable outcome. Well, you might also want to try these interior design tips below.8 Great Interior Design Tips

  • Pick the right paint color

If you think picking the right color is easy, then you better think again. There are actually thousands of paint colors with different tints, tones, and shades. And each color will vary from home to home. That means, the color that looks good in your previous home might not look the same with your new home. Make sure that the color will complement with your upholstery, artwork, rug and other things in your home.

  • Give your furniture some breathing room

One thing that you should avoid when decorating your home is overcrowding. Especially when you have so many furnishings at home, you need to think about how you can achieve the desired space to maneuver with ease. Avoid filling up your space on your room with furniture – it will only look messy and crowded.

  • Hang artwork at the right height

Generally, artworks can improve the look of your home – that if it is properly displayed. If you are planning to include your favorite artwork, make sure to hang it at the mid-line (center) of each piece is m-57 inches to 60 inches from the floor. When you have a higher room, then you should also hang your artworks higher. But always remember, the height of your artwork should relate to human scale, and not the structure’s scale.

  • Know how to arrange furniture on a rug

One thing that gives a great impact to home design is on how you arrange your furniture. Basically, there are three ways to arrange your furniture on a rug: 1.) If the rug is large, you can place all of the furniture legs on top of it. This will create a more luxurious feel. 2.) If you have a smaller room, try to keep all legs off the rug. This is best when you are layering a pattern over a larger solid or texture rug. 3.) Just put the front feet of all your seating pieces on the rug. This will create a well-defined space while having a feeling of openness.

  • Resist the urge to be too theme-y

Having a theme is good. In fact, this adds beauty to your home. However, if you overdone and tend to be too theme-y, it can make your home look chaotic and lack of individuality. In choosing the right theme, you should know what thing that can give good vibes on the place.

  • Create a focal point

Having a focal point is an important factor to consider. It can give a dramatic feeling, which draws attention in your room. When deciding on the focal point, choose a thing that can easily grab the attention or interest of a person. Perhaps, you can have an antique table place on the center of your living room.

  • Consider sight lines

When you already have your focal point, try not to put anything beside it. Make sure that the focal point should be free and clear from one room to the next, so it will give you an illusion that you’re being drawn between them.

  • Edit your collectibles

Just because you have a collection that does not mean it is also necessary for you to display such. Of course, you should choose the things that are impressive enough for you to include on the decoration. Perhaps, you can unify the theme to match on the things that you want to have at home.

8 Great Interior Design Tips
Sofa and hanging Lights Design on A colored wall

Generally, knowing what and what not to do when it comes to decorating your home is a must. Although this may be a challenging for most of us, having an impressive Home Design result would be a reward for us.

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