How to Avoid Terrible Mishaps during Renovations

How to Avoid Terrible Mishaps during Renovations

Some people find home renovations uncomfortable and frightening, while the others simply love changing and updating their living space as often as possible. The reason why such a disproportion occurs is because not everyone knows how to handle a home renovation project properly and what are the things to include or avoid. In other words, if you’re skilled and experienced, you’ll have no problems, but if you lack skills and choose not to consult experts, get ready for a world of trouble. In order to help you finish your renovations successfully, here are some of the most common mishaps that could happen to you, as well as a few ways to avoid them.

Measures, Measures, Measures

Measuring should be the easiest part of any renovation project, but this is where most people go wrong. Getting inaccurate measures is the first step towards a catastrophe, no matter which part of your home you’re renovating and how spacious this area is.

How to Avoid Terrible Mishaps during Renovations
Home Renovation Ideas

This mistake might cost you a lot in the long run and can take a great toll on your patience and your wallet as well, especially when you mismeasure items like kitchen countertops, bathroom cabinets, wall-to-wall shelves and walk-in closets. The only way to avoid this mistake is by measuring your rooms over and over again or making sure you know how to do it in the first place.

Wrong colors

When renovating your living room or bedroom, the color of your walls is a big part of the overall effect you’re aiming at. That’s why you need to think long and hard before settling on a specific color and make sure you don’t change your mind afterwards. However, regardless of how hard you look at the color palette and how much time you invest in finding the right wall color, making mistakes is quite easy. Your color will look different and appear to be much lighter under a direct sunlight and it will be darker in the shade, so be certain you’re happy with all of these alterations. One of the ways to avoid mishaps is by using testers and checking the paint color before you start applying it to the walls.

Cheap furniture costs more

The phrase “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things” isn’t something you want to hear in the middle of your renovation project, but it’s going to be exactly what your family might be saying should you decide to purchase cheap furniture.

How to Avoid Terrible Mishaps during Renovations
Home Renovation Ideas

Furnishing your home with new sofas, armchairs and coffee tables is always fun and exciting, but not if you constantly have to keep your renovation budget in mind. Opting for less expensive furniture might seem like a great idea at first, yet using these pieces isn’t something to look forward to in the future. Therefore, picking high-quality furniture every single time makes much more sense – yes, it is expensive now, but it will actually save you a ton of money in the years to come.

Consider the budget

Speaking of money, it’s important to work out your renovation budget before you start doing the actual work. Lots of people get into renovating ad hoc and when costs start piling up, they can’t seem to stay afloat, which is why dealing with financial issues in advance is so vital. Paying everything in cash is the best possible solution, but, if you’re short on it, exploring mortgages and credits is the way to go. Home equity loans and construction loans might provide you with the funding you need, but don’t forget to investigate an increasingly popular and practically unavoidable performance bond – it’s issued by a bonding company and basically guarantees that your renovation will be performed and funded the way you intended it to be.

Do it yourself – or not?

No matter how handy you are, performing a few simple tasks on your own doesn’t make you an expert. That’s why you should always hire a team of professionals who’ll advise you and ultimately do a better job renovating your home than you ever could. An architect, an interior designer and a general contractor know what to do and, if paid adequately, will be more than ready to turn your dreams into reality. Hiring a proper contractor is never easy, but it can be done as long as you’re organized and know what you want.

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Avoid disasters

Some of the other potentials disasters you’ll definitely want to avoid when renovating your home include picking the priciest materials on the market, insisting on unnecessary additions to your kitchen and bathroom and ignoring or overlooking important building rules and regulations.

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