Basic Element of Home Security: A Deadbolt Lock and Security Doors

Basic Element of Home Security: A Deadbolt Lock and Security Doors

There are various things that can enhance the home security, such as alarm or a guard dog but unless you have working deadbolt locks, it’s quite impossible to safeguard your home from robbers. According to a survey, most of the intruders come into the homes by using a force. This happens when your deadbolts are not working properly or they are inadequate that the burglar can open the door at one go.

A deadbolt is a lock with a steel bolt that extends into the door jamb and strikes plate of a door frame. There are many types of deadbolt but the most common amongst it is the single cylinder deadbolt operated by a twist knob attached inside of the door and a key on the outside. However, most individuals prefer double cylinder deadbolt, which doesn’t have a twist knob and requires a key for operation inside and outside.

Burglars Enter Through Forcefully Breaking the Doors

According to the research, the burglary rate in the past three years in the developed countries like Sydney is 60.4%. The research also states that the crime rate is major during the daytime. Therefore,

Basic Element of Home Security: A Deadbolt Lock and Security Doors
Home Security Doors

there is a need requirement to install a high quality deadbolt. For the deadbolt, to function properly, the bolt must be extended totally into the hole on a door jamb. The hole should be supported with a metal strike plate. In case, the bolt doesn’t extend all the way into the hole or in a strike plate is not used, the house owners need to call for an experts help.

You all might have heard of the thief entered the door by kicking it, actually in such a case the doors isn’t broken down but the door frame is broken that result in easily moving into your home. Therefore, you should use 3-inch screws to reinforce the strike plate into the studs of the frame of the house. Generally, homeowners are in a habit of locking the doorknob and sometimes neglect to lock the deadbolt, which increases the risk of burglary.

Now, have a look at the different types of deadbolt locks and the cost of installing the deadbolt locks:

Installing such deadbolts in your front doors is an inexpensive way to add an extra layer of protection.

There are two types of deadbolt locks such as:

  • Single Cylinder Deadbolt
  • Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Let’s have a look at the brief of single and double cylinder deadbolt:

Every homeowner should keep in mind that if he or she is planning to install a single-cylinder deadbolt at the entry door that has glass panels, it is useless as it can be ruptured easily. The burglar can easily break the glass and reach inside to unlatch the deadbolt. In such a situation, a double cylinder bolt is good to protect your home as a homeowner can keep their key close by, but out of the burglars reach that make impossible for them to open the door.

Also, avoid hiding the key under the doormat and get a secure lockbox for your key hiding. This will save your home and safeguard your family possessions from the thief.

Apart from the locks, the doors security is also a basic part of protecting your homes from intruders, which should not be neglected at any cost. When it comes to the security of doors, steel doors should not be overlooked, as they are the best to provide safety from the robbers.

If you are still having a doubt whether it is best to install at your home or not, have a look at the amazing benefits of installing steel security doors and after that decide on your own:

  1. Secure

Most of the chances of the burglar to break into your home is through the front door. If you install such doors, the entering can be prohibited as the steel is hard to break. In fact, the chances are that after noticing the steel door robbers usually go away as they know that they are banging their head on a useless thing and robbery is simply impossible just because of steel doors.

  1. Durable

All of you are well acquainted with the fact that steel is a weather resistant material. Be particular while purchasing pre-fabric steel door, the lower the gauge the stronger your door will be. There are many company that offer security doors, try to purchase the best company that offers steel doors in Sydney that too at a cost-efficient price.

  1. Energy-Efficient

These are the best doors as they have a foam in its inner layer that helps to trap the heat and the cold thereby increasing energy saving.

Get relief from the fear of burglary in your dwelling by installing security doors and locks!

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