Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

The sleek and creative style that is contemporary design is a highly sought after look, particularly in the bathroom. If you’re about to put your home on the market or you’re simply looking for away to refresh your home, updating your bathroom with contemporary elements is the answer. Discover what you need to evoke this style in your home.

  • Textiles. Contemporary style is all about using fresh, modern materials. Traditionally, bathrooms were limited to ceramic or porcelain elements. For contemporary design, use tiles that resemble metal or glass. Metallic tiles can be used to create decorative backsplashes or accents in showers. Glass tile can create a mosaic accent on the wall above a tub, sink, or toilet that serves as a conversation piece.
  • Color Schemes. Monochrome color schemes scream modern style. In the bathroom, using a monochromatic look can make the lines of the space stand out and draw emphasis to any sort of decorative tiles you’re using. Base colors like black, white, and gray tend to work best. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of sticking to a singular color theme, use two complementary colors to create a dramatic look. For this look, pair a neutral with a more vibrant color that plays well with the style of tile you’re using.
  • Fixtures. Modern bathroom design is all about taking a minimalistic approach to the necessities in your bathroom. Relatively unadorned, seamless furnishings maximize the space in even the smallest of bathrooms. A wall mounted vanity is ideal for contemporary bathrooms, as it takes up minimal floor space and serve as a work of art in any bathroom setting. Utilize the space underneath to store bathroom necessities like plungers and toilet scrubbers.
  • Furnishings. Benches or chairs that feature angles and curvatures work well in contemporary design. If the space in your bathroom allows, work these furnishings into the room. Doing so can give your bathroom a sense of elegance as well as make getting dressed in the morning a simpler, smoother process!
  • Accessories. Keep it simple when it comes to accessorizing your contemporary bathroom. When you’re choosing wall art, remember to keep the simplistic values of this style in mind. Geometric shapes or artwork that features linear patterns work best. In terms of hardware, towel racks, and the like, utilize materials that pair with the type of tile you’re using.

Contemporary style will work for years and years to come if you choose the right elements. Create the look of ease and elegance with these contemporary bathroom design tips and tricks.

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