Don’t Decorate Your Home Without These 6 Must-Know Rules

Don’t Decorate Your Home Without These 6 Must-Know Rules

Our homes are undoubtedly the places where we feel relaxed, free, and joyful. At the end of a tiring day, after a late night party or a late movie outing, the final thought is to go home and relax.

The “Home sweet home” is almost the synonym of getting some relaxation for you. To make your experience of dwelling in your home soothing and pleasurable you put in all the effort.  Home Decor is one such effort to make your home the more “your kind” of place.

From choosing the wall color of your choice to getting the style of furniture you like the home decor part includes it all. However, home decor is not that easy as it may sound. It has that tinge of planning and strategizing that add to the technicality and professionalism part of it.

In big cities like Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, etc home decor services are provided professionally. Interior design firms in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and other Tier-1 cities offer quality interior designing services at affordable prices. To make it easier for you these residential interior designers offer on-demand services and cater to your home decor needs holistically.

Well, if you don’t want to spend money on hiring an interior designer and you feel that you can best decor your home by yourself then that’s a good idea. However, going by yourself doesn’t mean that you can go random. You need to do things properly so, that it doesn’t go the opposite way of your plans.

For managing your home decor properly you must follow the essential tips. Wondering that what those must know tips are? Don’t you be as we are listing them all for you here. So, keep on reading as we unveil the “must know guide to home decor“

  • The Furniture Experiment

Talking of home decor you can’t miss out on the furniture. Furniture and furnishing elements are the heart of home decor. Well, if you have been following the traditional style furniture with a rustic look and raw finish then it’s time to go the other way. Yes, you read it right.

Trying out a new style of furniture can be quite a great thing. With a variety of options in the face of western style wooden furnishing available, you must not miss them. To be on the safer side and to get your wish fulfilled (if you are too addicted to your style) you can get a mix of your style and some new style of furnishing elements.

  • Take Note Of Dimensions: Noting The Spaces

A common but less talked about the problem with home décor is the ignorance towards managing spaces properly. You must know the dimensions of your house (say the drawing room) and more so, the dimension of the element you want to bring in as a part of decor.

Many a time we see that certain spaces in the house are too crowded with elements while others have quiet space. This is where space management comes in. Proper space management allows you the freedom to get in more with creating a crowding effect.

  • 60-30-10 Rule

The 60-30-10 rule is a very important rule in the context of the color scheme of your house. The rule basically calls for the selection of a three-color scheme for your home décor. The dominant of the three must take 60% of the area while the second fiddle must occupy around 30% area. The third supporting color must take in 10% of the area.

The 60 part of it comes from the coloring on walls. The 30 comes from the furnishing elements. The rest 10 is made by accessories like cushions, upholstery, etc.

  • Focus On lighting

Lighting must be chosen keeping in mind its effect on your body. This becomes important when you have kids and elderly people at home. Don’t go too bright as it can be painful for your eyes. The too dim approach is also not a good idea.

Opt for a middle path and have mid of bright and dim what we called “properly lit” type approach. Blue and pale yellow shadow lighting can be a great choice to opt for in this regards.

  • Comfortable Seating And Cushioning

This is one most important thing that you must take care of. After all the effort you are putting in is to get that comfort. Make sure you pick cushioning, upholstery and beddings that not only match the style of the décor theme but is equally comforting for the user. Don’t go for too much show-off and less comfort.

  • Game Of Numbers

Last but surely not least you must get the numbers right. No, we are not talking about dimensions here. By numbers what we mean is a grouping of elements. Pick up a number symmetry say an odd number symmetry or even number symmetry.  Arrange elements as per this scheme. Say for example in odd symmetry you style your spaces with elements placed in a group of an odd number.

This kind of symmetry would surely give a nice and unique effect to the overall aspect. So, decide about it as per your choice and then go along.

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