How to fix Most Common Kitchen Problems

How to fix Most Common Kitchen Problems

Kitchen is one place in our home where most of the action takes place. From cooking to washing utensils to grinding species it all happens in the place called the kitchen. Thus, it becomes important for you to ensure that each and every element of the kitchen is working top notch.

In big cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, etc the residential interior designers handle all the nitty-grittiness related to the interior aspects of the house. Say for example residential interior designers in Mumbaiprovide full-furnishing of the flats with designing of a modular kitchen.

In spite of such modern style design and equipment, some day to day issue are bound to trouble you with respect to your kitchen. Well, these issues can be very troubling at times. Imagine you have to go to the office and looking for a breakfast and you discover that the sink and tap are blocked and there is no washed utensil.

Scary right, well you can avoid that scare by timely fixing such common errors in the kitchen. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine similarly a common kitchen error fixed in time avoids trouble in future. So, if you want to ensure that your kitchen remains in “No error” mode then you can’t miss reading this till the end as we are going to unveil some awesome tips and techniques to fix the common kitchen error.  Here we go:

How to fix Most Common Kitchen Problems
  • Loose Doors

Cabinets are an integral part of the kitchen’s these days. You can’t imagine a kitchen without a cabinet (thanks to the spacious storing options they provide). However, the same cabinets become a point of trouble for you when its doors get loosened. Due to regular use, the holding part of the door of the cabinet gets free and starts hanging.

Similarly, due to rusting or dust jam, the free movement of the door gets restricted. Thus, it is advised that you must service all the kitchen cabinet doors once a month.

  • Choked Sink

One of the most common errors that you would find in a kitchen type setup is the choking of the sink. Not only the residential kitchen but kitchens of restaurants and hotels too face this problem quite often. The solution to this lies in our hands only.

While washing utensils you must ensure that there are no food items or dust that is getting washed along. If there is left food in the plates or something left in the pot take it out before washing it. These small food elements get stuck in the holes of the sink and further block the pipe. In case the problem is severed better call a plumber.

  • Issues With Refrigerator

The refrigerator is the cooling heart of the kitchen. It provides great help by keeping raw vegetables, fruits, and other items fresh and fit to eat. Poor cooling or heating are some of the common error that one faces with refrigerator.

Not every time you have to call the mechanic. Sometimes the lack of cooling is caused due to the incomplete closing of the door or some blockage in its path. Other reason for this could be the decrease in the gas in the refrigeration unit. Watch out for these small things and ensure that you get your refrigerator serviced from time to time.

  • Leaking Taps

Another common problem that can be quite irritating for you to handle. Apart from the wastage of water, the leaking taps can give you trouble by draining out the stored water in your overhead tanks. There is a common tendency to ignore small leakages and breaks in taps. However, this can be a big blunder at times. These small leakages and damages can cause bursting in the pipeline and you would face a situation like a mini flood.

It’s better to fix the leakages on time with easy to get tools like Mseal, Fixer, etc. Make sure that you check the overhead tanks and pipelines once in 2-3 months.

  • Smelling Garbage

Well for sure you would not like to sniff in the smell of rotten eggs, vegetables or fruits when you sit in your drawing room to have a cup of tea. Smelling garbage in the kitchen is not an issue restricted to the kitchen. The foul smell spread in the entire house through diffusion in air.

A common cause of this is non-segregation of waste. Always keep two separate garbage bin. One for dry and solid waste and one for the wet waste. Don’t allow the wet waste like rotten fruits, egg shells, vegetables, food, etc to be there for more than one day. The bacterium on them starts decaying them quickly and spreads the foul smell.

Dispose of the waste on a daily basis and maintain a hygienic and sanitized atmosphere in the kitchen. This would also help you to avoid the setting in of diseases and pests in the house.

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