How to know when its time to replace your garage door

How to know when its time to replace your garage door

Often the garage is the most prominent feature of a home—it can occupy up to 40% of the facade. Not only is it a key element in the curb appeal of your house, also a smooth-functioning door opener system is essential to maintaining the flow of your day. Think about how much you rely on the garage door and how disruptive a breakdown would be.

If your door is looking a little tired or not operating well, it may be time to replace it. The following four questions will help you decide:

Does your garage opener run smoothly and quietly?

Have you noticed the door and its operator are running rougher and louder than normal? You also may have noticed the door shakes as it raises and lowers or that it takes longer to respond to the remote signal than it used to. These are indications the mechanism is not working the way it should. Call a garage door professional to inspect the door to determine if it can be repaired or needs replacing.

Is your garage door more than 15 years old?

Take a good look at your door. Does it sag? Does it have noticeable dents and cracks? Some dings can be repaired and the surface can be refinished. But if the door is a dated design, those fixes might not improve the overall appearance much. Also consider that the older your garage door and opener drive are, the more difficult and expensive it could be to repair them. Replacing the entire unit might be more economical.

contemporary garage door
Contemporary garage door

Are your belongings protected?

Intruders could gain access to your home through the garage door if its materials are old and weaker than they once were. Also, older electric openers with their simpler technology could be vulnerable to a hack. If you store a lot of expensive tools or sports equipment in your garage, an upgrade to a newer, stronger door and an operator that using rolling code technology will improve the security of your house.

Is your garage door as energy efficient as you want it to be?

What is the condition of the sealing joints, weather strips, and bottom seals of your door? Do you see light around the edges of the opening or hear the wind whistling? Broken or cracked seals and gaps mean the interior of your garage could be vulnerable to rain or snow. Without a properly insulated door, you could be paying more in energy costs than you should.

Updating your garage door will provide a high return on investment because it beautifies the home, provides a safe environment for your loved ones, and helps you maintain the flow of your life.

If it’s time to change your garage door, contact a garage door professional in your area. Visit their showroom where they can show you the range of garage doors and openers available and advise you on the best choice to make. You can also request a quotation online.

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