How to Turn Your Basement Into a Family-Friendly Game Room

How to Turn Your Basement Into a Family-Friendly Game Room

If there is one activity families enjoy doing together, it’s playing games. Whether it’s playing the latest video games, shooting pool, or playing a favorite board game like Monopoly, family members of all ages can have plenty of fun participating in any of these activities. However, since a family often consists of members who are various ages, trying to find a place where everyone can spread out can be a challenge. In many homes, the one area that is the best place for a family-friendly game room is the basement. However, since everyone has different games they enjoy, deciding how to renovate the basement can take on a life all its own. If you’re wondering how to turn your basement into a game room that the whole family can enjoy, here are some great ideas you’ll want to consider.

Toddler Area

How to Turn Your Basement Into a Family-Friendly Game Room
How to Turn Your Basement Into a Family-Friendly Game Room

If your family includes a toddler, you’ll want to close off an area of the basement for them to enjoy their games. One of the best ways to do so is by installing modern glass doors, which will close off the area yet still let parents keep an eye on what’s going on. For many basements, interior sliding doors are an excellent choice, since they are easy to install, take up little space, and allow plenty of natural light to shine through to keep your mind relax. However, it’s also important to have some storage space, since there will be plenty of toys to pick up. To help with this, designate one wall in this space for storage. Afterwards, put down a colorful rug to enhance the space, fill the area with interactive play-sets, ring-toss, and other games, and you’re sure to have one happy toddler.

Video Game Area

Since video games are popular with all ages, designate a large part of your basement for this activity. Gaming chairs and bean bag chairs are a must for style and comfort, and of course no game room is complete without a big-screen television and various game consoles. As more video games have become interactive and require physical movement from the players, the need to devote more space for video games has increased. To do so, modern glass custom closet doors can be used to house consoles and games in a closet area. Once this is done, wires can be run through the wall directly into the television, which will help hide the wires, take up less room, and give the room a cleaner look. In addition, using modern glass doors will add that cool look to your game room, which will please everyone.

Large Game Area

Along with the video games, you’ll also want to have part of the basement for your large game area. Whether it’s ping-pong, air hockey, or a billiards table, this part of your basement will definitely be very popular with everyone. Expect to use about half the room for these games, since the tables are very long and wide. To add a touch of class and style, install custom lighting over the games. Not only will this give you plenty of light by which to play, but it will also help define the space. In this area, it may be a good idea to install some custom closet doors, letting you have an area to store supplies for the games.

Adding That Special Touch

Now that you’ve got most of the games, furniture, and other accessories in place, it’s time to add those special touches that will give each family member the sense that they have a room that caters to them. For many game rooms, letting family members participate in picking the colors to be used, the theme of the room, and maybe any artwork that will adorn the walls can be a fun experience. For example, parents can be allowed to choose the main colors for the room, while the older kids can get their wish and pick out a popcorn machine and soda pop machine, which will ensure they’ll always have plenty of snacks. Finally, don’t forget the little kids of the family. If they want something such as dinosaurs included as part of the decor, grant their wish by adding some dinosaur posters or wallpaper to the game room. By doing so, you’ll be able to incorporate these ideas and your interior sliding doors into a design that will flow freely and look fantastic.

As families get more and more busy with each passing day, having a game room in your home can be a fun way for everyone to get together and have true quality time with one another. Whether it’s the toddler playing ring-toss, the teenagers playing a video game, or Mom and Dad having a friendly game of ping-pong, a family-friendly game room can indeed prove that families that play together stay together.

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