How to Turn Your Home into a Zen Paradise

How to Turn Your Home into a Zen Paradise

Introduction:   There are many schools of thought encompassing what truly makes a home a peaceful and tranquil environment. Many believe it is following the eastern influences that champion nature and energies, as they relate to a connection between people and their possessions. That testament to minimalism and the removal of distractions will provide an environment where the mind can reach a greater level of calm with minimal effort.

A happy house

A truly Zen space is deeply rooted in the Zen philosophy. And it makes sense that it works. Zen puts people before possessions, open verses cramped, restraint over frivolity. It puts the will in charge of decisions, so the power of will can keep the homeowner’s desires in check. With will power, you can talk yourself out of making foolish choices. But too many people shelve their will and only think with their desires.

Take your average household for instance. Add walls and a roof, insert electronic distractions, expensive furniture, novelty additions to give the house some individuality and toss in a pinch of drama between people within arguing over how much everything costs. And the product of those ingredients is a family that is inundated by stress, worry, and doubt, all because they thought they needed things to be happy.

Then why are people who have the best toys, the latest electronics, or the fancies home goods, still miserable? It is because of a cluttered house and therefor clutter the mind. The home with the most stuff always feels cramped, small, and depressing. A house with a good Fung shui flow, with enough stuff to be comfortable, but not so much to have trip hazards along every foot of the floor, is an open environment, clean and organized, and the mind follows the example. A mind void of chaos will thrive, the thoughts ordered. A cluttered mind grips nothing, as there are too many options in what to focus on.

Women Mediating
Women Mediating


Home is where the heart is

            There are many things you can do at home to elevate your consciousness and allow tranquility to enrapture you, giving a sense of eternal peace. And you do not have to hire a Zen home advisor. Some involve décor, like adding eastern aesthetic items as accent pieces. Others are more subtle.

  • Let the sunshine in

Natural light is the best light. It gives a healthy glow to all it touches. If you have indoor plants, it will provide key nutrients, and sunlight has a natural antiseptic quality.

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  • Water is life

We are mostly composed of water. The earth is mostly covered by water. So why should not water be a staple of your household environment, in health as well as aesthetics? Put in a simple fountain, and the sound will sweep you away to a blissful place. Sound machines that mimic the waves are great, too, unless you live by the beach, in which case, open those windows.

  • Introduce a new life

And we are not talking about babies, but if that is what you want, we wish you the best. No, we are suggesting plant life. Install some plants into your space, and the love and attention you give them will be reciprocated in clean oxygen generated by photosynthesis. Plants are quiet, they need care, but not much, and they respond to kind, peaceful conversation.

  • Minimize

If you ask yourself, “What is my home worth?”, that figure never includes your stuff. Remove what you do not need even your favorite sports equipment. And we know what you are thinking. Yes, you spent your hard-earned money on all the stuff.   If you had less, then you would have more money, and maybe take a vacation occasionally. Minimalist all say that an uncluttered space is the most efficient way to live and is exponentially easier to clean. And if you must move, everything can be packed in a few hour.

  • No work-from-home

Unless you must for reasons of health, children, or some home-based, business, if it can be avoided, do not work from your sanctuary. Work is for the office, factory, or whatever you do, and the house is for house things. Work is chaos designed around the acquisition of money, and your house is where you relax, read, make meals, play games with children, and sleep. No one says, “when I get home, I can’t wait to go to work.”

Conclusion: A Zen environment is not a hard thing to achieve. It requires a change in thinking, and a desire to reevaluate what you think you need, and what you think you want, and decipher which is which. Could you do the Zen makeover, or are you consumed with the need for things?

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