How to Use Augmented Reality Apps in Your Home

How to Use Augmented Reality Apps in Your Home

One of the hardest parts of decorating a home is visualizing how something will look. Those who have an eye for design are able to pick out a chair on display or featured paint color and know that it will look good in the space. Others have to see it in person.

Tired of taking a million trips to IKEA any time you want to revamp a room? Luckily virtual reality has entered the home decor space to save decorators time and energy. While this technology seems futuristic, it can actually be used today in your home.

There are many virtual reality apps that allow you to visualize how something will look in your home. Each app has a different set of directions based on its intent, but in general they can be figured out in a few steps.

First you’ll be selecting the feature you want. This could be a new sink for the kitchen or a rug for the living room. Some apps allow you to choose specific products you can buy and others give you generic items to test out.

Once the product is chosen, you’ll scan the room with the camera on your phone. This will give the AR software an idea of the original space. Often times the app will direct you to scan the floor so it can gauge the depth of the room.

When the room is scanned, you’ll be able to view how your feature looks in the home. You can adjust its size and position to how you would normally have it and see if it will fit in the space.

Apartment Guide has a list of 7 augmented reality apps to help you decorate your apartment. From magicplan which allows you to measure your home and create a floor plan to roOomy which lets you stage a room with furniture from popular brands, these apps can make decorating a lot easier.

How to Use Augmented Reality Apps in Your Home
How to Use Augmented Reality Apps in Your Home

Once you understand how these apps work, try them out in your home!

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