Leaf Blower Buying Guide – How to pick the Best Leaf Blower in Town

Leaf Blower Buying Guide – How to pick the Best Leaf Blower in Town

The trees are shedding their leaves throughout the years. But, in the springs, you may see a number of leaves shed on the ground. It looks like a complete mess. But don’t worry. The leaf blowers come handy under such circumstances. It is a seasonal landscape machine that is useful around the year. These leaf blowers are capable of clearing the sandy decks in summers and the windblown walkways of the springs as well as the light snow on the surface.

You may find it really difficult to make the best choice when it comes to the leaf blower. A variety of choices is available in the market ranging from the gas leaf blowers to corded electric to the battery powered ones. Moreover, they are available in different styles, from the handheld units to the wheeled models. The cordless leaf blowers are more popular than the wired ones.

The cordless leaf blowers are powered with batteries to make the blowing process much easier than before. If you are looking to buy the best cordless leaf blowers then go through this guide to select the best according to your use.

Gas vs. Electric

The speed, budget, and user convenience are the most important factors that must not be overlooked while buying the leaf blowers. In the handheld category, the gas blowers are used to clear the yard full of leaves in the fastest way. But, the corded-electric blowers are really powerful to do many big jobs. They are best to blow off the leaves within 100 feet of the power outlet.

The gas-handheld models can be carried just anywhere, but they add weight, cost, and noise along with the fueling and other maintenance responsibilities. The cordless electric versions offer less power than the gas models and the limited run time as per the battery but are lightweight.

The backpack gas blowers are costlier than the handheld blowers, but cost less than some of the top cordless leaf blowers in the market. They even offer more power while transferring the weight to your back from your arms. The handheld units generally weigh 10 pounds, but the backpack units can scale up to 22 pounds.

The wheeled blowers can be the best if you have a level property or enough leaves to be cleared off. They usually take too much storage space and it is difficult to push them from one position to other. They cost a little more than the backpack models.


The leaf blowers can be the reason for noise pollution. Some communities restrict the use of gas blowers because of their noise. In California and some parts of the US, many communities have banned the use of any type of the leaf blowers no matter how quiet is their noise.

Before buying the leaf blowers, you should check out the Noise Pollution guidelines in your city or town. These blowers might cause permanent hearing impairment. You should be careful while using these blowers. Make sure you wear the hearing protection, dust mask, and goggles while working with these leaf blowers.

Select Leaf Blower by Type

You should select the right leaf blower according to your budget, property size, and the performance of the blower. The best cordless leaf blowers (gas-powered) can loosen the leaves just like the handheld blowers. Here are few different types of blowers to choose from.

  • Corded Electric Blowers: The corded electric blowers weigh less than 8 pounds and are designed to be held with one hand. The power cord limits your flexibility and might be a reason of hassle around the trees. You can buy them around $30-$110.
  • Cordless Electric Blowers: The cordless electric blowers are the lightweight blowers for the people who don’t want to get tethered by the power cord. They run on rechargeable batteries are easy to carry. You can avail them at a price of $150-$300.
  • Gas-Powered Handheld Blower: These types of blowers are loud enough and you ought to wear the hearing protection while using these blowers. You need to pull the cord to start its engine. These gas engines even require the periodic tune-ups. Most of these engines are two-stroke models weighing around 10 pounds. The ones with four-stroke engines weigh more. You can easily avail them at a price range of $90-$220.
  • Gas-Powered Backpack Blowers: These blowers may weigh 17 pounds or even more. These blowers add power to the handheld blowers while transferring the weight to your back from your arms. They are noisier than the electric models. You can buy them at a price starting from $160 and ranging till $480.
  • Gas-Powered Wheel Blower: These are large blowers with wheels. They have four-stroke engines that require the mixing of fuel and oil. They are bulky and can even weigh 100 pounds. Moreover, these blowers are noisy and expensive as well. But you can comfortably clean a large area using these blowers. You can avail them at a price range of $280-$800.

The Bottom Line

So, you need to make a wise choice while choosing the best leaf blowers in the market. A number of cordless leaf blowers are available at many stores. You can choose the top rated cordless leaf blowers to ease out your task and complete it comfortably. Make sure you consider the above-mentioned points before buying the best leaf blower for your field or garden.

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