How to make your home look nicer with these 5 inspirational ideas

How to make your home look nicer with these 5 inspirational ideas

Deck the Walls

Wall paper is not only elicits a vintage retro aesthetic but extends to many classic and contemporary designs.

Especially when DIY, ease yourself into this type of project by refashioning a smaller space such as powder room or walk in robes to see your ideas in the flesh before committing to redoing a larger room. Concentrating on a feature wall is also a good approach, especially when working with statement colours.

Walls for Renters

Good quality wall decals are a convenient solution to experiment with bolder patterns, or when renting to rejuvenate a tired space that cannot be permanently altered. It is worth the extra cost to invest in better quality, removable stickers that can be reused and leave no residue on your walls when relocated. Those made of vinyl, Eco-film and woven fabric are good options, and seek out those with non-toxic materials.

Functional space

Apartment living continues to increase as house prices rise across metropolitan centers in Australia. Therefore, making the most of compact living quarters means considering some clever interior design options that maximize space.

Turn to items that offer convertible storage options and are able to be modified for a variety of uses. Think pegboards, contemporary extendable tables, nesting tables and transformable cabinets. If you are truly limited in floor space, a revolving kitchen is invaluable and additions that transform cupboards and windows such as dividers and window bar tables offer more dual use options.

Original Art

Low cost and mass produced prints are convenient,but they are generally obvious to spot and result in a generic, display home vibe. Take some time to collect unique and quality artwork by visiting a local artist market, second hand stores or online for oodles of options ranging from the affordable to extravagant.

Particular color scheme in mind? Many artists are open to commissions and welcome the opportunity to create signature pieces that fit a particular dimension and palette. For a more considered approach, take advantage of a trained eye and let a creative design you a series of pieces for your home.  A beautiful sense of flow can be achieved by having a collection of paintings, custom prints for cushions etc. and sculpture or pottery by a single artist or several in a residential collaboration. It need not cost thousands of dollars if you seek out up and coming local talent.

Indoor edibles

Window sills and other sunlit locations are ideal to begin a herb garden that will yield tasty and charming results.

Chives, rosemary, thyme, oregano and mint are very hardy and can withstand a fair amount of neglect if you are not a green thumb. They are also perennials so will continue to grow all year round, especially as you trim them for cooking.To enjoy after a season, let annuals like basil, coriander and dill go to seed and dry them out and replant or replace once they start to wither. Your salads, sauces, roasts and stir fried dishes will thank you.

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