Quick Fast & Simple Tips on Cleaning Window Blinds

Quick Fast & Simple Tips on Cleaning Window Blinds

Cleaning blinds has always been one of the chores that you can forget easily. You already have so many pressures and tensions regarding your work that you do not notice the little house chores that demand your attention. Cleaning blinds is one such chore that you most often forget. However, if you neglect that one little chore, it be easily soiled with dust, skill cells, pet fur etc. that will wander around the house and collect with time.

Window blinds are the one passage that lets the air in and out of the house. If the passage is only dirty or unhygienic then the air that travels through it will be so too. It is not news that a house needs clean ventilation that makes a house healthier. Thus, you need to care for the window blinds that are such an important component of our home.

Fortunately, cleanings bind in one chore that is an extremely easy task. Let us look at the various tools that we need to clean the window blinds.

  • A vacuum cleaner with attachments
  • Micro fibre cloth or micro fibre mini cloth duster.

There can be two ways that your window blinds end up after a few months. It can either be a simple blind cleaning or it can be a little handful one, where it is heavily soiled.

Simple Tips on Cleaning Window Blinds
Simple Tips on Cleaning Window Blinds

Simple Blind Cleaning:

Simple blind cleaning means that the window blinds have dust laying along the window blinds as the main component that needs to be cleaned. As the name suggests, this process is fairly simple and doesn’t take much time.Dust and water together can create one big mess;therefore, it is better that you start cleaning it with a dry cloth first.

Using A Microfiber Mini Blind Duster

In this process, the first step is to leave the blinds open and run the duster along them. Doing this task from top to bottom makes sure that the dust falls down as you move and thus collect all the dust in one go.As you make your way to the lowest level of the window you have collected all the dust and now comes the second step.After all the dust is gathered you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean all the dust and you have clean blinds in just two simple steps!

Simple Tips on Cleaning Window Blinds
Simple Tips on Cleaning Window Blinds

Using a Microfiber Cloth

The first step is to close the blinds and while facing towards the concave side and then wipe the dust away. Just like the first method, you start wiping the dust from the top making you way till the bottom of the blinds. This top down process helps you gather all the dust particles that come in between and clean the entire blind in the process.The second step is to tilt the rod that opens and closes your blinds and dust this side from top to bottom just as the first step. Next step is to vacuum the fallen dust in the process.

Heavily Soiled Window Blinds

If you have a blind that is heavily soiled then the simple dusting will be of no good. The cleaning process will vary according to the type of material that your blinds are made of i.e. plastic or wood.The first step with be the same as cleaning simple window blinds that will help in removing as mush dirt from the blinds.The next step will be to fill your bathtub with water and remove the blinds from the window.Then you need to soak in the blinds for at least an hour.With the help of fiber cloth remove any other dust particles and hang the blinds back!

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