Simple Ways to Refresh the Look of Your Garden

Simple Ways to Refresh the Look of Your Garden

Hidden under a thick layer of snow, garden you take such good care of has gone wild. The spring was too hectic, and you could not find enough time give it a fresh, this-season look, but it is never too late. If you are standing there in the middle of the lawn with the grass higher than your ankles, almost lost in all the shrubbery, we can help you get started and give your garden a refreshing glow.

  1. Pruning then Mowing

Most people start with the lawn, but the fact is that you cannot work on it if you are not able to see it from all the shrubbery that has grown without an order, and covered it almost completely. So pick up the tools and start cutting what is damaged. It might seem that nothing is going to be left after you are done, but trust us, it is the only way to let the healthy branches grow and bloom. Only when you are completely finished with trees and bushes can you move on to mowing your lawn.

  1. Repair the Structures

But your garden is not just about plants and flowers, you also need to look at the bigger picture and give a refreshing look to the fence that surrounds it. Especially if it is damaged, it will affect the overall impression your backyard gives. Also, if you have a gazebo, or some other building, a shed or a garage, make sure that you repair the cracks, and go over them with the coat of fresh paint.Simple Ways to Refresh the Look of Your Garden

  1. Living Wall

Not a recent design, but green walls, or better known to some as vertical gardens are a great way to enrich your backyard with a bit more greenery. Green walls cover partially or completely a wall they grow on. In order for it to be a true vegetal wall, it has to be covered with soil from which the plants and flowers will grow. Be careful when choosing what to grow on it, and pick out the plants that can bloom in the climate you live in. They can be completely green, or you can go for colorful flowers and make a true work of art for your garden.

  1. Outdoor Rooms

But no backyard is complete without having a place to sit, relax, and enjoy the scenery around you. So go out and get yourself some new garden furniture, or refresh the old ones, use new fabrics for the pillows and table cloths if you have any, and place the furniture in the shade, among the flowers.Simple Ways to Refresh the Look of Your Garden

  1. Decorate After Decluttering

Finally, after you got rid of everything that was damaged and raked the leaves, there is enough room left to put some outdoor decorations. You could choose to place a few cute garden gnomes among your plants, or you can think bigger and even build a fountain or a Koi pond. They are great for elevating the design of the garden, but water also refreshes your garden more than any other decorative element.

So start with getting rid of what is old and bring in the new, plant a few new seeds, water them regularly, and watch your garden bloom from your deckchair, drinking cold lemonade.

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