Spring Cleaning is Around the Corner

Spring Cleaning is Around the Corner

Home Cleaning Essentials you Need to Use

For many of us, it’s tradition: Spring comes and we turn our attention to the task of sprucing up our houses. And really, what better time for it? Spring imbues us all with a little burst of energy as the days start getting longer and the weather starts getting nicer. It’s the perfect time of year to dig in on all those little home cleaning projects you’ve been thinking about but haven’t yet gotten around to.

Home Cleaning Essentials you Need to Use

This year, in preparation for a good spring clean, make sure you’re stocked up on the essentials. We’re taking a look at some of the most critical tools you can own that will make your cleaning job a little bit easier.

A Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning your floors is one of the biggest parts of cleaning your home, and with the right vacuum in hand, the work becomes much easier. Look for a vacuum that can be used on both carpet and hardwood to great effect, without damaging your floors or leaving dust and dirt buried in your carpet. You’ll also want something maneuverable that can reach into corners, around furniture, and tackle tricky areas like stairs. We like the ZeroG Vac, a canister model that operates using unique hover technology that will prevent the canister from getting hung up on corners or furniture.

A Microfiber Duster

Dusting is an aspect of cleaning many people often forget. Because so much of the dust in your home is out of sight, it’s easy to put it out of mind, but the truth is that a good dusting will increase the cleanliness of your home significantly. You probably don’t even realize how much dust has accumulated atop places like the blades of your fan or your bookcases.

For a top quality dusting, get a microfiber duster. This environmentally friendly choice effectively captures microbes, unlike feather dusters, which just brush them around. Microfiber is also good for the surfaces you’re dusting, as it won’t scratch or otherwise damage them.

An All Purpose Cleaning Agent

Although it’s not a bad idea to have specific cleaners for specific projects (you don’t necessarily need the same strength used on your windows as you’re using on your toilet), it’s a good idea to keep an all purpose cleaner in the house for surprise projects that might come up. A good all purpose cleaner can be used on most of the surfaces in your house, be they floors, countertops, tile, marble, painted walls, metals, or glass. With this tool in your arsenal, you’ll be ready for anything.

Here’s to a clean and bright spring!

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