Steps taken to maintain a Germ-Free Educational Institute

Steps taken to maintain a Germ-Free Educational Institute

The educational institutions are a crucial part of society. It is a place that carries the most important after the religious facilities. They are built to educate people; so that they become a good human being.These institutes should be kept clean and tidy and the best way to do it is to hire a professional janitorial cleaning service.

Types of educational Institutes

When a child is born the first concern for the parents is in which educational institute is best for him/ her. It is a set rule that every child has to go to the following three educational institutes. Another important matter that the parents look into apart from them providing good quality education is that they have to be clean.

  1. The child is sent to a K-12 school system; which consists of classes from Kindergarten till the 12th This school is based on primary and secondary level education; run either by the government or the private sector.When a child enters the kindergarten; the average age of the child is 5 years and when he/ she leave the school after 12th grade; the students are almost 18 years.
  2. After attending the K-12 schooling; the child takes admission first in a college then university. If your child is having a good GPA and a satisfying score in the national test then it becomes easy for admission. There is another way by which admission is possible and that is if your child is able to secure a scholarship.
  3. On an average education till college or university is enough but sometimes when someone is pursuing a professional carrier then admission in atechnical school is important. In such schools, the students are not only given theoretical education but also practical experience at the same time.

Steps to maintain a Germ-Free Educational Institute

All the above three types of educational institutes have their own importance. So keeping them clean is vital for the management; if they want their students and staff to be healthy. There are some crucial steps that these institutes must take if they want their faculty and students to be hearty.

Everything should be Pre-Planned

It doesn’t matter whether the school, college or university you own is a large or small; planning in advance is very critical. Each and every room must be mentioned. A thorough inspection must be done. A checklist for everything is essential; so that you don’t forget anything specific.

Appoint the best Janitorial Cleaning Service

When it comes to thorough cleaning of the educational institutes; only the best company like the Jan Pro OKC should be contacted. They provide the best professional cleaning team and also they keep in mind the sensitivity of the location.

Decide for the Right time

Some cleaning procedures require less time to complete and can be done on the weekends or during spring or winter beaks. But it is important that an annual deep cleaning is vital because the school or the college is closed for a long time and germ and bacteria might have been developing.

Clear the Furniture and Equipment

Sometimes the cleaning service you hire can clear the equipment and furniture. But it is best that the people in the management should themselves shift the tables, chairs and other furniture so that the cleaning company doesn’t have any difficulty. Another advantage is that the placing back is easy and the team knows from where they have moved the things.

Cleaning up the Classrooms

Sometimes it is not necessary to move the furniture from the position as they can be fixed in place. The cleaning of a classroom involves many things like;

  1. The desks must be empty.
  2. The dusting of all furniture.
  3. Vacuuming of the carpets and rugs.
  4. Mopping of the floors.
  5. Cleaning the white and blackboards.

Sanitizing the Cafeteria

Cafeteria and the dining halls must be properly sanitized because it is observed that most of the bacteria and germs develop there. So it must be the most hygienically cleaned area.

  1. The stoves, refrigerators, deep freezers and microwave ovens must be thoroughly cleaned.
  2. No spec of dirt must be on the carpets.
  3. The tables and chairs should be swiped clean from germs.

Disinfecting the Bathrooms

Another vital room that should be given attention is the restroom or the bathrooms. Almost 70% of the diseases and illnesses start from these areas. It is crucial to disinfect the toilets, sinks, taps, flushers and hand dryers. Mop the floor with anti-bacterial products to make it free from germs.

Take care of the Common Rooms

There are very few rooms in an educational institute that have the highest rate of people coming and going. The common rooms, locker room, gymnasium and the assembly hall are the areas in which the students come and go in abundance. These areas must be also focused on.

Don’t Forget the Teachers’ Area

The teachers’ rooms must also be free from germs and bacteria. Think about how students can learn if the teachers are absent more often? So keeping the area of teachers cleaning is also vital.

Remember the Playgrounds

For a janitorial cleaning service, the playgrounds can be the most challenging place because they cover a very large area. You can leave the cleaning of that area just because the cleaning is taking more fees.

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