The 5 Most Beautiful Scandinavian-Style Kitchen Designs

The 5 Most Beautiful Scandinavian-Style Kitchen Designs

We can bet that all of us view the kitchen as the place for making a delicious meal, which nourishes and re energize us. Most of us see the kitchen as nothing more than a functional space that only deserves to be clean at all times and ready for preparing and making food.

Despite that, we have to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible with a stunning Scandinavian-styled kitchen design, as shown below.

Kitchen Designs
Kitchen Designs
  1. White and Light Tones

Since we are all crazy about Scandinavian kitchen design ideas, we have to embrace white and light tones. White is synonymous with anything Scandinavian. It is at the core of any Scandinavian interior design. Consequently, we must embrace it when planning to redesign our homes with a Nordic touch.

White also hints at minimalism, which is a critical component of the Scandinavian design too. Scandinavian minimalism revolves around:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Calmness
  3. Purity
  4. Functionality
  5. Clean Lines and Open Surfaces

    Kitchen Designs
    Kitchen Designs

Secondly, our Scandinavian kitchen design is incomplete without clean lines and open surfaces. With this quality, the kitchen appears calm and peaceful, which is the right mood for such an essential room in the house. Additionally, open surfaces are ideal for making the kitchen clean by removing all forms of clutter.

A clutter-filled kitchen is an unhappy space that makes it impossible to enjoy any cooking. On top of that, cluttered kitchens promote overeating.

  1. Comb the Old with the New

We might struggle to create a traditional Scandinavian kitchen design if we continually fail to combine the old and the new. This remains one of the most effective ways of giving the kitchen character. Fill it with as much life as possible. A combination of the old and the new perfect picture of functionality and aesthetics.

Scandinavian people, while renowned for the deep love they have for the old aspects of their culture, have also embraced smart kitchen appliances.

  1. Install Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are the latest fad because of several factors. For starters, they are a stylish addition to any kitchen. Additionally, they are worth buying and installing when looking for the perfect kitchen design tool. Most of us would not think twice about them instead of going with standard spotlights and regular lights either.

The fact that they are available in wide-ranging shapes and designs makes them suitable for any kitchen design layout and style too.

  1. Wooden Floors

As we strive to learn how to design a kitchen in the Scandinavian theme, we should not neglect the role wooden floors play in all this. The practicality of such floors makes them suitable for a Scandinavian kitchen. Nevertheless, they are not the only flooring option available for Scandinavian-designed kitchen enthusiasts.

We are also free to copy a bit of the Nordic culture by going for either stone flags or ceramic tiles, which are quite clean options too.


For those of us interested in freshly Scandinavian-styled kitchen design, the options available to us are quite diverse. Before applying any aspect of this style, we would be failing if we know nothing about the Scandinavian culture. That is always a good starting point.

Therefore, let us make our kitchens Scandinavian by embracing white and light tones, featuring clean lines and open spaces, combining the old and new, as well as installing hanging lights and wooden floors.

Would you like to add anything? Let us know in the comment section.

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