Themed Decorated Living Rooms

Themed Decorated Living Rooms

Decorating a living room is a tough challenge, especially because everyone who enters your home will spend most of their time in there. Choosing the perfect color palettes and furniture is quite difficult if you have to start from scratch and create your own style. To make the job easier, you can explore many different themes for the living room, and choose the one that suits you the most.

Rustic Appeal


In order to make your living room more welcoming and pleasant, you can incorporate a few rustic details into the décor. Antique wooden beams are a great contrast to simple modern furniture with its light brown colors. Also, you can add a few wooden pieces of furniture, such as rustic coffee table and old-fashioned design chairs.

To add extra flair incorporate a few paintings of the countryside or flowers, an antique lamp, your favorite flowers and some soft cushions in neutral earth tones.

All Black and White

If you love classic and simple modern designs, you should focus on contrasting black and white colors in your living room. Choose a piece of furniture as your base, for example, a black couch or a coffee table, and contrast the rest of the decor accordingly.

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If the coffee table is black, lay a simple white or beige tablecloth and arrange a few white candles for extra comfort. On your black or white couch lay a few stylish black and white cushions, and complete the room with some white or stripped long drapes. For extra elegance, place some modern black and white art above the couch and enjoy your simple but stylish living room.

Movie Themes


Sometimes, classic themes and interior designs may become boring. If you’re a movie fanatic, you can arrange your living room accordingly and turn it into one big movie theatre. Add some comfy seating, such as big floor cushions, stylish lazy bags or a big comfy couch and place them in front of your accent wall with your big screen TV. A small wooden coffee table is welcome for all the drinks and snacks.

To add some unique ambiance, professionals from Universal Home Theatre recommends choosing some decoration motifs from your favorite movie. Hang some antique posters from classic movies of your choice, incorporate the movie’s colors and you can even place some vases, cushions or glasses from the movie’s merchandise. Have your own home theatre and be the best host for the fun movie parties.

Sea Inspiration


Nothing is more relaxing then the feeling of lying on the beach, sunbathing and sipping your favorite cocktail. Believe it or not, you can have a similar feeling in your living room. All you have to do is incorporate the colors and patterns of the sea in your interior design.

Choose a cozy blue armchair as your focal point and add plenty of cushions in green, blue and sandy colors. Frame a few pictures of starfish and shellfish, place plenty of decorative flowers into lightly colored vases with some sea motifs and add some wicker baskets filled with colorful rocks and shellfish. Sandy fabrics with white stripes are always welcome to complete the look, and lay a soft sandy rug for a full beach feeling.

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Never let your home become boring and monotonous. Use your creativity and inspiration from various places around the world, books and movies and turn your living room into a private sanctuary. Whether you adore beaches and their blue and yellow tones, or you love the spirit of the countryside or any other environment, you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to incorporate them in your home.

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