Tips for Getting Your Cluttered Home Organized

Tips for Getting Your Cluttered Home Organized

If the stuff inside your home is getting out of hand, then it is time to apply a few clutter control techniques. At some point, every homeowner must realize that the primary reason for having a home is to establish a livable place to inhabit. Unfortunately, as time passes, the space in your home becomes cluttered. From the bedroom to the garage, things can begin to look like a tornado swept through your humble abode and left a mess that simply cannot be ignored any longer. Getting the mess in your home under control is perhaps easier than you might think.

Downsizing Your Stuff

One of the best ways to get rid of the growing piles of clutter is to practice throwing out unnecessary items. The first step to getting the mess under control is to assess the necessity of the things you own from one room to the next. According to Lifehacker, creating an inventory of all the stuff you own is a good first step to getting a mental grip on how serious your clutter situation has become. If you harbor a ton of items you never use, then honestly ask yourself how much you would miss something you never really give a lot of attention to anyway.garage-full-of-stuff

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Such items are taking up valuable space in your home. Once they are gone, what you have is more space that could be better used to improve the organization of the items left over. That collection of toys scattered on the floor of your child’s bedroom, plastic trip hazards they never play with anymore, do not encourage proper organizational habits. Neither do the piles of scrap wood and rotting tires in the garage. Once items like these are gone, your house will start to feel bigger than it has in a long time.

Installing Shelves, Hooks, and Bins

The next step to total house organization is to provide a proper place for the stuff you intend to keep. When everything is in its proper place, this will help to give you your floor space back. Shelves, hooks and bins are useful organizational tools for maintaining items you own in their proper place.

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Once you get most of what you own off the floor and properly categorize it, carrying out this one step alone will make your house look much better maintained.

The Paper Mess

From magazines scattered across the surface of the living room coffee table to the piles of bills taking up space on tables and counters, nothing makes the rooms of your home seem cluttered more than all the unruly stacks of paper. Once a week, simply dedicating twenty to thirty-minutes to tossing out old magazines and shredding all the unsightly junk mail will transform the look of your home. Contacting companies that send junk mail to get off their mailing list will also help to eliminate the onslaught of junk mail adding to the clutter. According to Ecocycle, you can even take a more aggressive approach by cutting off junk mail and credit offers at their source in a more direct way. This might seem like a monolithic task at first, but over time you will start to cut the unruly paper mess down to size.

Taking Your Garage Back

Once upon a time, your garage was the place where you parked your car. Nowadays, your garage is home to so much clutter that you can’t even walk through it. Even if you toss out a lot of the clutter, this still leaves behind a lot of tools and items you intend to use in the future. One solution to this problem is to consider installing an external back yard storage unit. A custom designed storage unit, such as the BackYard Buddy, will provide all the storage space needed to house important tools and other items taking up space in your garage.


Clutter is a growing problem for many homeowners. Whether you realize it or not, clutter has a way of robbing you of the home you have worked so hard to make your own. By removing the items that clutter up your home, you can once again take pride in your dwelling. Do not allow clutter to dominate your home any longer by taking decisive action to take back control of your home.

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