10 Simple Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Style Quotient

10 Simple Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Style Quotient

A well-decorated home is not only visually appealing, but also uplifts the mood of the residents of the home. It’s very likely that you are thinking about improving the decor of your home from some time now. And, perhaps you think running a home decor project would take a lot of time as well as money.

Well, not all home decoration ideas need you to invest a lot of time or money. There are many amazingly simple ways to adorn your home that are fast as well as cost-effective to implement. These simple ideas, when applied right, can remarkably enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Here are some simple yet interesting ideas to decorate your home:

1. Hang ball lights

Hang ball lights
Hang ball lights

Colorful lights are not just for the festive season of Christmas. At other times also, you can hang colored ball lights on ladders or furniture pieces at the corner of a children’s room, bedroom or living room. This not only brightens up the corners, but also makes a stylish feature.

2. Paint creatively

paint Creatively
Paint Creatively

With some creativity, you can transform the look of an ordinary furniture piece by simply painting it. Sand down the piece of furniture and put a coat of primer. Put a base coat with a color you like, and then unleash your creativity. You can go for a chevron print, or any other paint patterns you like. You can create a pattern by using just a pencil and a masking tape.

3. Match up furniture with walls

matching furniture with walls
Matching Furniture With Walls

Simplicity can really make a great decoration tip! If you have some leftover paint, put it on a piece of furniture, and show both of them together. Or, you can purchase a furniture piece in a hue matching one of the walls in your home.

4. Create decor items with die cutting

If you are proficient at die cutting, you can create many cool home decoration items with a die cutting equipment. Such equipments come with different designs of dies, which you can use to cut paper or fabric in various designs. In case you need more dies, you can visit a die making tool store. Such stores can make dies  in varied designs, using a die making machine California.

Hang and stick the die cut paper and fabric designs on walls, furniture pieces, windows and other places in a room.

5. Showcase things together

showcase thing
showcase thing

Have a collection of floral paintings, vases, teacups or any artistic objects? Rather than having them scattered in your home, showcase them together and make an impact. Avoid going for a uniform appearance, and opt for relaxed positioning and varying heights.

6. Let some things be the odd one out

odd one out
Odd One Out

A simple yet interesting decoration tip is having one or two things as the odd one out. Apply the idea with kitchen chairs. Or you may replace one of the wine glasses with a colored one.

7. Change your perspective

change prespective
Change Your Bedroom Prespective

This is another simple decoration idea. Rather than centering the framed photos,  shift them to a side to get an interesting look.

8. Have a picture wall

picture wall
Picture Decorated Wall

Make a picture wall with a grid of similar looking frames. You may opt for one print, or can mix and match pictures. You may also change the images based on the season or your mood.

9. Add a bold paint

Shutters don’t always need to have a neutral tone.

add bold paint
Add Bold Paint

Go for customizing them using a bold and vibrant paint, and let them make a statement in the room. If you have a room majorly in white, you can go for vibrant blue for the shutters.

10. Revamp the staircase

Revamp the staircase
Revamp the staircase

The simplest way to revamp a traditional stairway is changing the balustrades. Add a dash of paint in any contrasting tone, and watch the staircase get a modern, fresh look!


So, ready to go for a home decor venture? These ideas will help you adorn your home in a hassle free and cost-effective way. Implement some of them, and watch how they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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