5 Useful Tips For Purchasing The LED Lights That You Need

5 Useful Tips For Purchasing The LED Lights That You Need

LED lighting is an age old technology which was discovered in the late 1960’s. Though the versatility of these bulbs were known to the world from the beginning of 2001, yet during that period the LED bulbs enhanced from this technology were quite expensive, but with changing time researchers have found a cheaper alternative to make LED lights which is easy to use for everyone. If you are unaware about what LED lighting is and how to purchase a perfect lighting for your house, then below mentioned are seven useful tips that will help you out.

Low Power or High Power LED lights

The low power LED bulbs are designed with the help of small LED chips that are about 5mm in size. These lights are perfect for that the areas that need dim lighting effect. The high powered LED’s hold just a single LED chip which ranges from 1-5 watts. Just as the name of these lights suggests these types of LED’s produce brighter lights compared to the low powered one. The heat that is dispatched from both the power of lights is minimal and sinks in the atmosphere in just a fraction of second. But, before selecting LED for your house, you need to decide where you will use it and then choose whether low power or high power LED will be appropriate for that area.

Choose the Right Coloring Index (CI)

Coloring Index is referred to the quantitative measure represented for the ability of the LED to produce colors on various objects just like a natural light source. This allows an even reflection of light so that you can watch each and every object that surrounds you under LED light with a perfect view. The recommended coloring index for common LED bulbs which could be used in your house or commercial area is 70. The right balance of CI is quite important because if you are going to use a high rated CI bulb then probably you will end up destroying your own vision.

UL complaint or UL Listed LED lights

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an association that certifies the safety and authenticity of LED’s. Now, any LED that is a complaint of UL means that it has been testified by UL for its authenticity. By this the manufacturer of the LED lights are able to claim that they have promptly followed the guidelines that were set by UL, and have also satisfied the technical aspects involved in it. What is the difference between UL compliant and UL listed LED’s. A UL complaint LED bulb will always hold its sign of authenticity on it and this is a UL symbol that is only present on UL complaint LED’s but this is never there on UL listed LED’s. Moreover, some companies tend to produce poor LED products and then enlist them under UL without any proper certification or test by the professionals.

Purchase the LED’s From a Well Known Brand

When you are about to purchase LED for your house, then make sure that the company you are going to use is a reliable one and has at least been in this business for more than 2 years. For more information you can take help from local newspapers, friends and internet will also help you in discovering an experienced company this purpose.

Avoid LED’s if you have Voltage Spikes

The mechanism of LED lights are quite different from the CFL’s, this is the reason that a sudden high power voltage or continuous imbalanced voltage can burn the LED chips or the bulb. So if you live in an area that faces frequent voltage problems, then LED is not recommended for you.

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