Decorate Your Home in Modern Rustic Style

Decorate Your Home in Modern Rustic Style

Good chances are that you have encountered the term modern rustic more than once lately- it is becoming a real buzzword. So, what do we mean when we say modern rustic style? It’s a type of living space that combines seamless elegance with comfort and benefits of the modern solutions. It involves elements like modern furniture, simple color scheme, natural architecture features, and an open floor plan. This is the new take on rustic style that strives to make it more contemporary and polished.

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A contemporary style is not reserved only for the latest city dwellings, since it fits in structures like log cabins or old farmhouses. One of the most important features of a modern rustic home is the basic materials that rule the scenery- wood and stone. What you need to do is to expose their beauty and bear in mind that aged materials with natural flaws have even more character.

People redecorating old homes should make an effort to preserve the original architectural solutions and make them shine. So, expose the beams and show off that stone wall and bricks. If you have a cathedral wood-covered ceiling, it’s one ace up your sleeve, because it’s quite popular among rustic style lovers.

Good flooring is a foundation of your rustic retreat. It is a unifying element for different rooms, so pay special attention to it. Wooden flooring is always a safe bet- check wide planks wood floor, and solutions like bleached wood with a matte finish. If you feel like adding something extra to the mix, textured throw rugs in neutral colors might be what you are looking for.

Simple, but large windows fit well in a rustic style home, as they bring the outdoors in. They are, in fact, decisive design elements that appeal both to rustic and modern sensibilities, and reflect their connection. A modern rustic home must be open and full of natural light, and should give you the feeling of being closer to your surroundings.

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When it comes to furniture, modern is the way to go because it gives a nice contrast to the rustic flooring and walls. Clean and sleek lines steal the show here, and unadorned leather and wood pieces could be a perfect match for your living room. Balance is the key, so blend slowly and take your time when picking the furniture.Decorate Your Home in Modern Rustic Style

To emphasize the natural aspect of a rustic home, use simple and natural fabrics without prints. Go neutral with the color scheme- you can keep your walls white or paint them with a subdued tone. Don’t think your home will look blank or dull- add details like linen throw pillows for the unique rustic charm.

Cowhides are a favorite choice of many, because they are hard to stain and very durable. If you don’t believe it, try spilling red wine over it and see if it stays. Just don’t go overboard with decoration, since modern rustic home is stripped back and simplified. And yet, at the same time, it offers countless pleasures and hiding many unique treasures.

One of the greatest is a fireplace, because it provides much of the coziness we aim for. A stone fireplace is the perfect acquisition for a modern rustic home, but modern wood stoves can also do the trick. You can add a special touch to the scene with Blazing Glass’ fire pit glass, which is a real treat for the eyes.Decorate Your Home in Modern Rustic Style

In the kitchen go as modern as you can, and don’t shy away from modern clean lines. Use materials like concrete and honed granite, and combine them with rustic cabinets. As an alternative, try a beadboard on the walls and install shelving instead of using cabinets. Similar recipes work in the bathroom, although here marble floors and silk curtains might be the necessary to turn it into a stylish relaxing haven.

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To nail a modern rustic design, use wood and stone to make an impact on the space. Create a rustic sanctuary that leaves visitors captivated with trademark elements like large windows and stone fireplaces. They are a must-have if you are to own a place that combines rustic warmth with convenience and style of a modern home. Use clean, neutral design to invite the flood of natural light and fresh air, and to bolster the connection between the cozy inside and the enthralling outside.

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