DIY Ideas For Bathrooms

DIY Ideas For Bathrooms

The bathroom can serve both a practical function, and an esthetic one. Most of the time it’s just a practical addition to every home, but with a bit of effort and time invested you can turn it into a chic and more comfortable area. There are ways to achieve this without wasting too much money on expensive help from contractors, and the best part is that you can turn to your family for assistance. We have singled out some great DIY tips for your bathroom renovation which are a hit this season.

1. Cup Holders

Cup holders can easily be crafted from old used metal or plastic cups. They are ideal for holding toothbrushes and toothpaste. You can salvage old glass jars of any size to add an elegant touch to the bathroom. Glass jars are also perfect for holding shampoos and conditioners if you feel like throwing away those unappealing plastic bottles.

2. Towel racks

If you really need something to hold your towels or other bathroom accessories you can take a wooden keg and saw it in half, and by adding some planks to the sawn halves you will get the ideal towel holders. Make sure to check out some other great towel rack ideas. If you have weaved baskets, and you feel like they could be repurposed, just hang them on the walls to make some neat customized towel holders.

3. Paint

There are countless paint job ideas that you can try out in your bathroom. The best thing about it is that you can consult your children. Make it a family bonding activity. Make sure to incorporate the most popular colors this season. The important part of painting a bathroom is that you must never forget to apply acrylic paint to the ceiling and other spots which are vulnerable to damage caused by moisture. We strongly advise consulting with experienced contractors for the best DIY bathroom renovations in Chatswood.

4. Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the key component to every custom-designed bathroom. Since there are countless options to choose from, we have narrowed the possibilities down for you. Floral and aquatic prints are definitely all the rage this season. If you have children you can opt for some playful patterns from their favorite cartoons like SpongeBob SquarePants, The Little Mermaid, etc.  Wallpapers can be combined with a great paintjob for that perfectly bathroom look.

5. Hamper cover design

Hamper covers can be designed in many ways. For example, using leather covers for laundry hampers can be a practical solution if they are placed at a spot in the bathroom where water can come in contact with them and ruin your clothes. Additionally, if you want to create something funkier we suggest making some great patchwork ones, which will give you a chance to practice you quilting skills. Another great idea is to have your children have some fun while drawing something of their liking on the hampers. Make sure to experiment with various design ideas until you have created your ideal one.

6. Additional bathroom accessories

A customized bathroom would be incomplete without some stylish accessories. For example, if you have some light fixtures in the bathroom which could use some sprucing up we recommend making plastic candle-like fixtures. And let’s not forget the shower curtains. Shower curtains with quirky messages are the absolute hit this season. Additionally, there are ways you can make picture frames out of jar lids. Simply cut out some pictures of you and your family, glue them to the inside of the jar lid and add a magnet on the back to make it stick to any metal surface in the bathroom.

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This will show your beloved ones just how much you care for them. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom there are great plastic or wooden candle holder ideas you can try to make yourself. Wooden candle holders are the easiest to make, and they add the most elegance to a bathroom.

So, we can see that all it takes is some time and effort to turn a dull and boring bathroom into a fun and comfortable family-friendly space. Make sure to experiment with various ideas and make your bathroom the talk of the town.

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