Home Decor: Must vs Lust

Home Decor: Must vs Lust

When decorating your home, you can basically do whatever you want – or, to be more precise, whatever your budget allows you to. All homes need a few basic items such as proper furniture and decorations, but there’s no reason to stop there. Incorporating a few unusual or unexpected items will make your home more welcoming and intriguing and turn your life into an adventure, as long as you do it tastefully. If you’re deciding between must and lust when decorating your home, here are a few tips that might be helpful.

The must – Home Decor

Home Decor: Must vs Lust
Home Decor: Must vs Lust

The right furniture

You can’t imagine a home without the right furniture, can you? When choosing it, you need to keep several things in mind – how many people will be using it, which room it’s intended for, how much space it occupies and, most importantly, how much it costs. Picking living room furniture, for instance, can be hard, but answering these questions will help you decide what kind of sofa, armchair and coffee table is the best for you.

The right floor

This is something many people forget when decorating, but adequate floors are among the most important things in life. Floor-related problems are challenging, but not impossible to handle – simply invest some money into installing new floors and accentuate them with decorative runner rugs that will take your home appeal to the next level, and that’s it!

The right decorations

Speaking of decorations, just a few small items can give your place a more homely atmosphere. While some people prefer scattering them here and there, others concentrate on a few focal points of the house such as the living room or bedroom. Whichever way you go, make sure your decorations are elegant and stylish.

The lust – Home Decor

Home Decor: Must vs Lust
Home Decor: Must vs Lust

Too many decorations

Since decorating a home can be very interesting and fun, people sometimes take things too far. If you wish to come up with a homely effect, introducing a huge number of decorating items into a small space can be counterproductive – these simply occupy too much room and prevent you from being able to move around freely. Too many decorations create clutter, no matter how nice and creative they may seem at first.

Too many pillows

Throw pillows are the favourite decorating items for most people, and it’s easy to understand why – they look nice, they’re cheap, they can be incorporated into any style and they can be colour-coordinated with your walls. However, going overboard is quite common when it comes to throw pillows, especially if you place them on every single piece of furniture in your home. Adding a few to your sofa is quite all right, but finding the right number is even more important.

Too many mistakes

If you’re not a professional home decorator or interior designer, making mistakes is easier than you think. After all, home decorating is all about trial and error – if you don’t try out a certain style, you can never know if it suits you. Nevertheless, no matter how helpful mistakes are for your future decorating projects, making too many of them can discourage you and prevent you from achieving the perfect atmosphere in your home. That’s why understanding the most common decorating mistakes and knowing how to fix them is important.

Must vs lust – which way to go?

When decorating your home, you have to realize what you can and can’t incorporate into it. Classy furniture, proper floor treatment and elegant decorations strategically placed around the focal points of your home will turn it into the talk of the neighborhood. On the other hand, too many decorations can seem appealing and attractive at first, but this is actually a decorating faux pas you should definitely avoid.

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