How NOT To Use a Heated Towel Rack

How NOT To Use a Heated Towel Rack

You’ve heard the phrase “treat ‘em mean and keep ‘em keen”, right? Well, that’s NOT how you use a heated towel rack. Even if you invest in a top-quality model such as those you’ll find at Bathroom Butler, something that comes with a great guarantee, you’ll still want to take good care of it and we’re going to show you how.

Know its purpose

You’ll be amazed by how many people still don’t know the true purpose of a heated towel rail. It’s made to dry your towels, not heat them up – although they will provide a touch of warmth. So, if you’ve got a heated towel rack but are still tossing your textiles into the tumble drier or leaving them to fade in the sun on a washing line,you’re doing it wrong. The moment you’re done using your towel pop it onto the heated towel rack. If it’s a Bathroom Butler model, it can dry a towel that’s damp after use in as little as four hours. This is great because the faster your towels can dry, the less likely they’ll become a breeding ground for bacteria.

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Learn proper placement

Are you one of the many who own a heated towel rack but drape their towels on it willy-nilly? That’s not the way to do it, because you are letting all the heat escape into the surrounding air. It’s actually the trapped warmth beneath the towel that does all the heavy lifting in the drying department. To work this to the max,fold your towels twice to create four layers – no origami skills required. Then, hang it on just one rung,these layers trap and hold the heat which seeps through the towel drying it in the process. We call this concept Direct Intelligent Heating and it’s the best way to roll.

Be energy savvy

Bathroom Butler’s heated towel racks are designed to run on very little electricity.You could leave it on all day on the maximum temperature setting and, depending on its size, it would still only use between 40 to 180 watts of electricity. Still, this doesn’t mean you should neglect its tech! If your towel rack features PT Select or a TDC Timer, you’ll be able to customize the temperature. This way, you can turn up the heat in winter or lower it in the summer months. Remember, your heated towel rack serves to dry your towels, not heat them up, so you’ll still want to use it in the warmer months. Ideally, you want to use it on the lowest setting with which you’re comfortable to save a little energy – as well as the planet – by reducing your carbon footprint. Also, if you’re going away for an extended period of time, always be sure to turn your heated towel rack off. Some models feature a Wi-Fi-enabled switch,and this would be something you could do via an app on your phone.Convenient and clever!

Clean it carefully

Your heated towel rack is an investment so treat it with TLC and only ever clean it according to its instructions. Whatever your rack is made from, tile grout and chlorine-based cleaning chemicals are a big no-no’s as they’re likely to cause permanent damage. Happily,Bathroom Butler’s heated towel rack are a dream to clean. Simply wipe them down with a warm, damp cloth then give it a little buff with a clean, dry cloth. This is the joy of rust-resistant, super-strong Grade 304 Stainless Steel. It maintains its perfect finish and isn’t prone to chips or scratches like an inferior coated product.

The bottom line

In short, if you look after your heated towel rack, it will look after you. And Bathroom Butler’s models really go the distance, ensuring, you always get superior quality that is for keeps!

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