Importance of Workstations

Importance of Workstations

Workstations form an important part of any office just because computers do. It is essential to install workstations in your office so that the CPU, printer, monitor, etc can be well placed and organized. With the installation of workstations in your office, there shall be no loose wiring or cables which shall obstruct the normal working.

There are several aspects which are to be considered while considering workstation, one of them is the ergonomics of the workstation. These days, working on computer for prolonged hours is a basic requirement in any office and in case you work for prolonged hours on computers in an improper set up workstation or in workstations that are not ergonomic then, there are chances that you may experience several health issues or strains and injuries. These injuries or strains resulting can last for a longer period of time. Working on workstations that are not ergonomic can reduce the productivity and efficiency of a worker thus leading to loss. All this can be prevented if the office is set up appropriately by installing ergonomic workstations.

The next important aspect to be considered while positioning the workstation is the lighting and ventilation. Lighting and ventilation should be given importance to as improper lighting results in health issues, reduces the productivity of the worker and further creates an unhealthy working ambience. Planning is required to provide adequate lighting. The workstations should be placed near the windows. The workstation walls should be painted with a light color. Adjustable lights should be positioned so as to reduce the glares and the shadows over the monitor. Background behind the computer monitor should be free from clutter so that distraction can be reduced and even eye fatigue can be minimized.

Workstations are available in simple and intricate designs and looks. With the availability of a huge range of options, one can easily chose the design that best suits to your office, budget and your office decorator. A workstation that suits the image of your business should be selected.

Some of the computer workstation ergonomics and placements to be followed are as follows:-

  • Height of the chair should be properly adjusted as there is no one fixed height which is convenient for everyone. Hence, the height comfortable for every individual differs.
  • Top of the monitor should be at the level of the eye.
  • Monitor should be at an arm’s length from of you.
  • The feet should be placed flat on the floor with the knees at approximately 90 degree angle.
  • Lighting should be placed appropriately. Excessive glare over the monitor can lead to headaches and eyestrain.
  • All computer accessories should be placed within arm’s reach so that one does not have to turn and twist their body to gain access.

Things to avoid while working at a computer workstation –

  • Keyboard should not be placed on top of the desk.
  • Avoid placing the monitor above the head level.
  • Avoid sitting in a rigid and upright position.
  • Avoid leaning forward.
  • Avoid working for prolonged hours without moving. Frequent breaks are to be taken.

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