Simple Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Simple Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Your garage door is the main security divide between the contents of your garage and the outside world. Your garage usually houses expensive items such as your car, bike, workshop tools and much more. Your garage also protects items inside it from the elements outdoors such as rain, snow and wind. Due to this, you will obviously want to make sure that you garage is fully operational and secure.

Lubricate any moving parts

garage doorAs with above, constant movement of your garage door over time causes its screws and parts to become dry and worn. Ensuring these parts are properly lubricated will help to prevent any severe operational issues and will help to keep your garage door operational for longer than it would be without lubrication.

Check for any noises

As with most faulty items around your home, checking where a noise is coming from most of the time helps you to identify what the fault is. Noises on garage doors usually come from loose cables, worn rollers, ungreased operation chains and much more. Properly maintaining these parts will save you money in the long run and will help to prevent any serious breakages.

garage doorTighten up screws/hardware

Tightening up screws or loose hardware on your garage door can be a simple fix to your problems. General garage doors open at least once or twice per day. Over time this is a lot of movement and vibration, causing screws/wires to become loose.

Replace any worn rollers

The rollers used to operate roller garage doors often tend to become worn over time. Ensuring these are properly lubricated should help to keep them operational over time, however if they do become worn you will need to replace these. You may want to contact a garage door repairs company about this as these can often be tricky to replace.

Clear the running tracks

If the tracks in which your door runs on become full of dirt or leaves/dust, this can cause some serious issues with the operation of your door. It is amazing how these pesky items get into such small spaces and due to the running tracks being on the inside of your garage you wouldn’t imagine anything getting into these. However this is far from the truth, so keeping these clean of dirt and grime will ensure smooth running of your garage door.

Check the cables

Your garage door runs on cables, that’s a fact. If these cables become old, worn or restricted it can cause some issues for you when using your garage door. Ensure any sharp or large objects are placed out of the way of these cables to ensure smooth running of your garage door from day to day. Replacing these cables when they become worn will prevent any snapping when your garage door is closed or in operation.

Also, these cables are not hugely strong and are only supposed to pull your garage door up when required. Try to refrain from doing anything like swinging on your garage door and weighing on it. This can cause these cables to snap and will generally break other parts in the garage door mechanism when doing so. This can cause a very expensive garage door repair bill.

Evaluate the door conditioning

After you have checked and made sure your door is operational and free from any breakages, take a look at the overall conditioning of the exterior door its-self. Some garage doors tend to become warped, miss-shaped or chipped through general use and harsh winter months. This can weaken the overall performance of the door, allowing potential burglars to break in easier.

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