Tips for wallpapering your house

Tips for wallpapering your house

They come in many varieties: striped, colourful, floral, geometric, decorative, ornamental and even glamorous. Wallpapers are one of the hottest trends in the world of interior decoration. What used to be a plain and slightly boring tool has evolved into one of the most eclectic and dynamic weapons to beautify your home. Materials have evolved to cater for many uses and functions and nowadays wallpapers can be washable, can be magnetic, you can write on them or use them as frames for your pictures.

Are you thinking about wallpapering your home? It’s an excellent idea, not only because installing and removing them is now easier than ever, but also because they now come in almost infinite variety of motives and designs, allowing for a flexibility that is unmatched when compared to simply painting your walls.

If you have any doubt about which wallpaper would best suit your needs here are a few tips to help you make the best possible decision and pick the right wall covering for your abode.

Advantages of wallpaper

Before we start, it is useful to discuss some of the advantages offered by wallpaper when compared to simply painting the walls of your home. The battle between paint and wallpaper has been fought over the last few decades, the battleground being the walls of millions of houses around the world, each side winning for a while before conceding ground a few years later. Things have evolved now however and very often the two sides happily coexist, with wallpaper highlighting a feature wall and paint taking care of the other three.

Wallpaper is very easy to put on and take off, a substantial number of models are washable, scrubbable and can stand the test of time. As mentioned earlier on, there are countless options available when it comes to motives and designs, with a sophistication that can’t be matched if you elect to simply paint the walls of your house. This flexibility allows interior designers to create unique atmospheres in each environment, separating spaces and creating the illusion of a larger living area.

Wallpaper in the kitchen

Nowadays is quite common for wallpaper to replace the tiles in the kitchen in order to add a touch of originality and freshness to an otherwise plain and slightly traditional environment. If you select to wallpaper your kitchen, make sure you choose a model with a vinyl coating, as this layer, added to the paper of TNT surface material, makes the wallpaper more robust, washable and insulated from moisture.

Wallpaper in the bathroom

In a similar fashion to what happened in the kitchen, bathrooms have also moved away from the white and sterile design of yesteryear. Like in the kitchen and all other “wet rooms” in the house, it is important to pick a designer wallpaper model with vinyl coating, as moisture will pay an even bigger role here. Remember that, for a healthy environment and in order to keep your wallpaper in mint conditions for a long time, it is always a good idea to ventilate the room after taking a shower or a bath, as this generates hot steam that then sits on all surfaces.

Wallpaper for the child’s bedroom

Wallpapering your child bedroom is an excellent way to personalise your child’s space and to foster his imagination and creativity. Many designers have specialised in wallpapers for children, creating incredible worlds when stories are thought, and unforgettable memories are created. The little ones can choose the one they want according to their tastes, as there are thematic models of all kinds, such as those of animals, unicorns, cartoon characters or dinosaurs.

Wallpaper for stairways

This is a slightly more unusual environment to wallpaper, but one that is becoming more and more trendy. Stairways are, after all, very often the entrance area in many houses. This is what guests and visitors see first, where the first impression of a home is created. Despite this, stairways are generally neglected, often decorated with a single coat of paint of textured plastering. There is so much more to be done here to add flair and make it interesting. As stairways are one of the most heavily used areas of the house, quality and durability as well as cleaning and maintenance properties must play a role when choosing appropriate design wallpapers.

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