Why You Should Make The Switch To Double Glazed Windows

Why You Should Make The Switch To Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows have many advantages that are winning over homeowners and landlords around the world. In addition to increasing comfort and security, double glazed windows provide significant energy savings, cut down on noise pollution and majorly reduce a homes carbon footprint.

Double glazed windows are insulated glass units (IGUs) joined in an airtight frame with a small space in between containing a drying-agent-inclusive spacer bar and either air or an inert gas. Double glazed windows have shown drastic improvements over single pane windows in terms of eliminating chilly draughts, leaks and mold formation. Double glazed windows cut down on energy transfer. You wont need nearly as much heat in the cold season or nearly as much air conditioning in summer, because your windows stop heat from leaving or keep cool air in, as the situation requires.  

Double glazed windows are a long-term investment that will pay off years into the future for homeowners and landlords. They allow landlords to increase rental rates and homeowners to save big on energy bills and the size of heating and cooling units needed indoors.

Double Glazed Windows
Double Glazed Windows

While many new homes and buildings will be installed with double glazed windows by default, its well worth considering retrofitting double glazed windows in an existing or older building due to the energy savings and increased livability they will provide.

An additional plus of double glazed windows are the amount of external noise they will cut down on, making for peaceful days and nights. The option of using different glass such as Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass will also increase the energy retention properties of your IGU. A standard double glazed IGU adds up to around 55% energy improvements over single glazed, single pane windows, but using Low-E glass can increase that improvement to up to 80%. Because it reflects the suns radiation instead of absorbing it, Low-E glass serves to make the inside of a room cool in summer and warmer during the winter.

The option of upgrading to toughened or laminated glass offers even greater strength in resisting breaks and intrusion. Another possibility is to add a tint on your windows in order to enjoy more privacy.

Toughened glass is approximately five times as strong as standard float glass and it can resist a lot of force that comes against it. Its a prime choice for commercial and high-security buildings but does lose some energy efficiency benefits of a standard double glazed IGU.

In a single pane aluminum-frame glass window, enormous energy is lost between indoors and outdoors through the framing system and the edges of the window itself. Double glazing consistently performs at a much higher level than single glazed and other systems. Double glazed windows also reduce harmful ultraviolet-rays, while still letting the suns light and heat in. UV rays fade furniture, artwork and carpets and can be harmful to health. Locking in heat in the cold months and keeping it out during the hot summer is a real blessing, and when the cost of installing double glazed windows is compared with the massive savings they will generate down the road, it is certainly worth the expense.

While standard single glazed windows may be cheaper, once calculations are made about the energy they lose, it becomes apparent the increased expense of double glazed windows is more than outdone by the savings to be had. Single glazed windows break easily and lose up to 60% of a home or buildings interior heat during winter.

For a helpful guide on different glass types and their energy saving properties, visit the Window Energy Rating Scheme website at www.wers.net/wers-home. The website will allow you to contrast performance with cost.

Theres a reason more and more homeowners and landlords are going with double glazed windows and others are retrofitting them even in older homes in fact there are a lot of reasons from energy efficiency to comfort and environmental friendliness.

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