Workstation – Types Of Workstation

Workstation – Types Of Workstation

During the present days, there is hardly any office which functions without a computer. Hence, the computer desk in every office plays an important role in the office and also in the décor of your office. Workstations offer an organized working area based on the nature of work performed. Workstations can be particular to an industry. Workstations help in utilizing the office space in a creative manner and it can combine elegantly with the huge range of decors. They are available in a huge array of designs, styles, colors, sizes, dimensions to suit the interiors and space of your workplace. Hence, there is a workstation available for every office and every budget.

There are several different types of computer workstations available. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Ergonomic workstations – These workstations are designed considering the work posture. To ensure proper posture while working, this type of workstation offers flexible keyboard, monitor, etc. Ergonomic workstations are helpful in reducing strains and injuries arising due to improper postures and workstations that are not ergonomic. Ergonomic workstations are specifically designed to ensure the comfort of the worker. This type of workstation eradicates the stress and strain over the musculoskeletal system. The two chief elements of an ergonomic workstation are a desk and a chair. The ergonomic design makes sue that the worker can work in a comfortable position. Few other additional items that can feature in an ergonomic workstation are footrests, document holders, etc.
  • To best suit the needs of different users, ergonomic workstation should possess flexible parts, so that they can be adjusted. The computer desks should have flexible legs so as to permit the raising and lowering of the working surface to a comfortable height.
  • Modular workstations – Modular workstations utilize readymade components which combine to accommodate the working requirements and style of the office. They may compromise of shelves, drawers, meeting space, CPU cubicles, etc. Modular workstations can be designed into corner or U-shaped units to accommodate into small areas.
  • Custom workstations – You can customize the custom workstation by selecting the material that you would like to consider in creating the best suitable design to suit into the decor and space of your office. This type of workstations is expensive as compared to the modular workstations, but they are worth the price as you can design the workstation as per your requirement. Custom workstations can be composed of glass, wood, metal, etc.
  • Network workstation – Generally network workstation consist of a computer which is connected to a local area network connection. Other network devices can be accessed by the workstation operator. Office use workstations have higher memory, faster processing and increased storage to lodge the needs of a corporate office
  • Computer Carts – Computer carts are compressed mobile computer units which hold the CPU, keyboard, monitor and mouse. They can be easily rolled out when not required.
  • Armoires – Computer armoires are used to conceal the computer when it is not used. They merge with the decor hiding the printer, monitor, keyboard and CPU.

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